Lejos del triunfalismo con el algunas organizaciones marítimas  suelen exponer los resultados obtenidos  en materia de seguridad marítima, la realidad se muestra tozuda y pone en evidencia a quienes se pueden sentir orgullosos de los resultados obtenidos.El riesgo cero no existe, pero el relajo en la aplicación de las normas vigentes, la resistencia a erradicar las banderas de conveniencia  y la transigencia con situaciones de prevaricación permanente, arrojan un escalofriante saldo de sucesos que afectan a  profesionales de la marina civil.   Marina civil, en las circunstancias actuales es una profesión de alto riesgo, al menos eso es lo que se desprende de estos datos.En el sector pesquero el riesgo es aún más elevado que en marina mercante. Cruise Ship Pirate Attack On M/V Seabourn Spirit News Story will continue to head our news at this time >> See M/V Seabourn Spirit below for the Current News.   38ft. F/V Kathy Elizabeth -- issued Mayday --

7 miles off Provincetown, Cape Cod Bay -- taking on water from stern & quickly sinking. Rescued by U.S. Coast Guard. (Sun.. Jan. 8 2006)   Sri Lankan Navy vessel -- Israel built Super Fast Attack Craft Dvora<< Webfeature, - or Dvora<< Webfeature -- rammed by explosives-laden fishing boat of Tamil Tiger rebels off NW Sri Lankan coast, near port of Trincomalee, early Jan. 7, killing at least 15 sailors & leaving 3 missing. (Sat. Jan. 7 2006)   M/V Divya Heera, Porbandar port for Calicut port in Keralawith 350 tons soda ash & 12 crew -- sunk Jan. 3, off Navi Bandar Port near Porbandar. (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   Liberian 35,881gt contaier M/V MOL Renaissance (built 2005) Sigapore for Genoa -- arrived from Red Sea to Aqaba 29 Dec. 2005 with fire in No. 2 hold -- fire believed extinguished but salvors continuing to monitor situation. Contrary to early reports indicating that No. 2 hold was "totally burned" -- managers advise that damage is relatively minor & limited to few containers within hold. The overwhelming majority of cargo in No. 2 hold and on board the vessel is in sound condition & has not sustained any damage from fire & will be safely delivered to its receivers. Salvors SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V. have situtation under control. (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   5,689gt. pontoon AMT Explorer (built 1984) -- lost in tow by 705gt tug M/V Letojanni (built 1977) in bad weather in lat 48 59N, long 04 58W, at 0310, UTC, Dec 30. Assistance rendered to AMT Explorer by tug M/V Abeille Boubon which arrived on the scene at 1628, UTC, same day & towed the pontoon to Roscoff, arriving at 0910, Dec 31. Letojanni towing AMT Explorer subsequently continued voyage to Rotterdam Jan. 2. (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   WEEKLY IMB PIRATE REPORTS ___   02 Jan. 2006 at 0733 UTC in position 13:48N - 049:48E, Gulf of Aden. Three speedboats with 3/4 persons onboard followed tanker underway. Master altered course & boats moved away. Later at 0753 UTC in position 13:49N - 049:54E, another speedboat with 3 persons onboard followed for 30 minutes. Alarm was raised boat stopped following. (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   02 Jan. 2006 at 0040 LT at Teluk Semangka anchorage, Indonesia. Three pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker at poop deck. Duty A/B raised alarm, crew mustered & robbers escaped empty handed in waiting boat. Pertamina port control informed & patrol boat arrived 2 hours later for investigation. (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   29 Dec. 2005 at 1800 LT in position 21:40.3N - 088:00.9E, Sagar anchorage, India -- pirates boarded container ship awaiting berthing with pilot onboard.  Duty A/B raised alarm &robbers escaped with ship´s stores. Pilot station & port authority informed. (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   27 Dec. 2005 at 0400 LT at Tg. Bara inner anchorage, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- tried to steal ship´s stores but alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed in boat waiting with accomplices. Master suspects that stevedores may have collaborated with robbers. (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   Back To Year 2006 Reports Dutch M/V C. Bosnan was raised in Enkhuizen by two sheerlegs. The ship once connected Enkhuizen and Stavoren. Then it served till 1958 as "De Nederlander" as education ship for sailors in Rotterdam. In July 2005 it had been brought to the Brouwer Shipyard in Zaandam for restauration. In Nov. it was drydocked. Some time later the ship capsized and sunk half. Now GPS Marine Services of Sliedrecht salvaged the ship with the aid of M/V Atlas & M/V Ajax with a lift capacity of 700 tons. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   French F/V capsized in the English Channel Jan 5. One crew rescued, 4 French sailors missing despite an intensive search by the French Navy and helicopters. After several hours there is little chance left of surval. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Jan. 6 2006)   Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) carriers M/T Happy Bride & M/T Sigmagas collided in NW French port of Donges Jan. 4, causing 60 tons of ship fuel to spill into the Sea. M/T Sigmagas was loaded with Butane at the time. No injuries -- both vessels towed back to port. (Thurs.. Jan. 5 2006)   179-foot Honduran cargo 110ft. M/V Caribbean Clipper -- stranded in mud by Hurricane Katrina on Aug. 29 -- salvage crews dug a canal through a stretch of Bayou La Batre wetlands near New Orleans on Jan. 5, in hopes of freeing vessel -- 2 yellow excavators on floating barges clawed a 50-foot-wide, 15-foot-deep channel into the wetlands -- efforts continue. A total of 28 vessels, most of them shrimp boats, remain beached along the working bayou that gives the south Mobile County seafood village its name. The owners of most of them had no insurance before the storm, which was not the case with the Honduran cargo vessel loaded with vehicles. Gov. Bob Riley has pledged state assistance if necessary to refloat the fishing vessels, a job that could cost US$2M. (Thurs.. Jan. 5 2006)   2143gt. German 80mt. M/T Octavia (built 2005), Estonia for Hamburg collided with pilings when trying to stop Jan. 3 in Audorf -- 13 Pilings, each consisting of 16 logs -- completely demolished -- vessel damages along 15mt.-- collision may have been caused by dense fog. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Jan. 4 2006)   S/Y Xiphos -- 2 crew scrambled from yacht 90km off the Taranaki coast, New Zealand on Jan. 3-- salvage option became fruitless this morning Jan. 4, for US$300,000 vessel. (Wed. Jan. 4 2006)   S/V Hail Mary II capsized off Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island, N.Y. -- rescued by F/V Cindi Sea, Jan. 3. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Jan. 4 2006)   Bulk cement carrier M/V Goliath being used as floating shield to protect stricken 11.6mt yacht S/Y Savcor after she capsized about 90 NM south-east of Eden. Yacht´s crew sent out an SOS call after vessel flipped 360 degrees & righted herself. At last report it was still floating upright. Crew members reportedly suffered minor injuries. A female said suffering slight hypothermia. S/Y Savcor finished 5th in its division in the Sydney-Hobart racing, crossing finishing line in 46th place on December 30. It was the team´s 1st Sydney to Hobart Race<< Webfeature, with S/Y Savcor believed to be the 1st fully Swedish-crewed yacht in race´s history. (Wed. Jan. 4 2006)   8,400dwt M/T Stavtank (built 1995) -- in collision Jan.3, in Kiel Canal near Fischerhütte -- with 9,980 gt cargo 141.2mt M/V Tärnhav. Chemical M/T Stavtank, with 6.600 tons light gas, severely damaged in superstructure on port side -- headed for Brunsbuettel assisted by the tug M/V Bugsier 15. >> M/V Tärnhav headed for Kiel & has reached the North harbor -- undamaged. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Jan. 3 2006) UPDATE>> M/V Tärnhav´s bow, being strengthened for ice, hit the M/T Stavtank in the region between machine room and aftmost tank. The hull was torn open above the water on a length of 3,5 m and a height of 2 m. Then a crane was damaged - the hydraulic oil of which was then visible on M/V Tärnhav´s bow - as well as a rescue boat and a ballast water tank, before the bridge of M/T Stavtank was hit and damaged. By chance no one was hurt there. When the crew of M/V Tärnhav inspected the foreship, they found broken glass of M/T Stavtank´s bridge windows there. After the collision M/T Stavtank pushed into the canal embankment where she stuck fast until 06.30 a.m. The canal traffic had to be stopped for larger ships until the tug M/V Bugsier 15 came from Brunsbüttel and towed the ship back into deeper water. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Jan. 4 2006) UPDATE>> The damaged M/T Stavtank reached Hamburg Jan 4 --down by the bow almost to the anchors and with an allowed speed of 6 knots it proceeded to the Vopak Terminal to unload the cargo of almost 7000 tons oil. It is not yet known which yard is to carry out the repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs.. Jan. 5 2006)   Slovak M/V Polana -- suffered fire & sunk near Danube port of Russe -- blaze continued overnight Jan. 1, with the fire mainly focused in engine room -- authorities looking to stem pollution as ship carrying some 40 tons of fuel. An electrical fault is believed to have caused fire. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Jan. 3 2006)   U.S. Washington State ferry M/V Quinault << Webfeature, (built 1927) -- in narrow channel from Port Townsend to Keystone, extreme tides, heavy rain strong winds caused vessel to slam into a piling as it arrived at Keystone Harbor ferry terminal on Whidbey Island around 2:30 p.m. Dec. 30. No injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Jan. 3 2006)   Indonesian wooden coaster M/V KM JA, Tembilahan, Indonesia for Pasir Gudang with 7 crew, Malaysia with 100 tons of timber, suffered fire 7.2km east of Sentosa in Singapore waters -- Maritime Port Authority vessels doused the burning ship -- crew jumped into sea to escape flames -- rescued by nearby ships and a coast guard vessel. Fire out -- half-submerged vessel towed away from shipping channel & temporarily moored. (Tues. Jan. 3 2006)   U.S. tugboat M/V Island Spirit -- suffered engine fire, issued Mayday & began to list about 35 degrees to starboard near Dungeness Spit, Wash. Dec. 30 -- crew was taken aboard U.S. Coast Guard utility boat for their safety during tow to Port Angeles by tug M/V Pacific Adventure. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Jan. 2 2006)   Liberian-flagged 35,881gt M/V MOL Renaissance (built 2005) -- suffering fire in containers in one of her holds. The 220mt vessel re-routed to the Red Sea port of Aqaba where she will be met with a SvitzerWijsmuller salvage/fire-fighting team from The Netherlands combined with other resources, which amongst others include fire-fighting tugs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Jan. 2 2006) UPDATE>> Unconfirmed reports say the No 2 hold of ship, which is owned by German-based Oltmann Schiffahrtsgesellschaft, is "totally burned". From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Jan. 3 2006)   Norwegian chemical M/T Sydstraum -- released by the Danish authorities & allowed to proceed to Polish repair yard -- had suffered a gash in a ballast tank when grounding west off Lolland Dec 28 on the way from Gdynia to Antwerp. She came free without help, but was then ordered to an anchorage in Marstal bight & assisted by a tug. Cargo was then lightered by M/T Listraum. Ship escorted by the Coast Guard ships Marie Miljö & Barsö on way to Poland. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Jan. 2 2006)   13.85mt German Yacht S/V Conergy, homport Kiel with 9 crew, suffered water ingress on the Sydney-Hobart Race on Dec 28. The accident happened after a damage to one of the 2 rudders. The radio failed due to water damage afterwards -- had to return to Sydney for safety reasons. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Jan. 2 2006)   Grounded container M/V CP Valour -- abandoned due to heave damage after taking batterings from the sea for weeks off Praia da Faja. The crew left the ship Dec 25. 550 tons bunker oil & some dangerous cargo was removed. Vessel may be dismantled on the spot. Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd. had a LOF contract and had in vain tried to refloat with Russian tug M/V Fotiy Krylov. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Jan. 2 2006)   U.S. 44ft. S/V Papa, MIami for Bahamas, with 1 aboard -- lost main mast, engines became disabled & began taking on water Dec. 26 -- U.S. Coast Guard C-130 crew spotted the Papa at 1 p.m. & established communications. Against 50 mph winds and heavy seas, the crew of Jayhawk hoisted Master to safety from the foundering sailboat. Man is reportedly in good condition after being transferred to waiting EMS in Melbourne, Fla. Vessel sinking. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Jan. 2 2006)   699gt. M/T Kannon Maru No. 8 -- in collision -- with 698gt M/V Taisei Maru -- 5km W. of Awaji on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. No injuries. (Sun. Jan. 1 2006)   51,071gt car carrier,198mt. M/V Isolde of Wallenuis Lines -- crashed with her stern into northern lock of Bremerhaven harbor Dec30. Two tugs escaped in the last second. M/V Isolde was towed to the Columbuskaje in Bremerhaven after collision. Ship was only slightly damaged, but the lock was out of order. The M/V Jingu Maru, M/V Taronga, M/V Terrier, M/V Autosun, M/V Autorunner, M/V Weser Highway & M/V Volga Highway were trapped in the harbor. Repair of the lock will last 3 to 4 days. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sun. Jan. 1 2006)   Antigua & Barbuda flag, 40,306gt. M/V APL Panama<< Webfeature, (built 2001) -- grounded on sand Dec 25 while inbound to the Port of Ensenada<< Webfeature. Master did not wait for port pilot & tugs -- she proceeded to enter port without them. Geeez!!! M/V APL Panama ran aground on Ensenada Beach<< Webfeature, outside breakwaters. No reports of heavy weather or fog. Two 5000-bhp Crowley tugs from Port of Los Angeles arrived today to try to free the vessel. All efforts to pull the vessel off the sandbank during high tide using services of tugs unfortunately failed. Discharge of some of the 900 TEUs on board being considered but will be difficult due to location of the vessel -- in the middle of nowhere. She is aground 200 ft from beach on sandy bottom. Geeeez, we´ve known for years that if you´re at Ensenada<< Webfeature, -- and nothing is going on -- just go to the beach! M/V APL Panama did!! This event best describes my UCLA college days!! McD (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005) UPDATE>> Larger tugs beating from Seattle expected tomorrow. (Sun. Jan. 1 2006) UPDATE>> After running aground on Christmas Day, M/V APL Panama remains a colossal figure looming over the coast just south of the port of Ensenada, and a National City marine contractor has been retained to help free it. After unsuccessful attempts by three tugboats sent from Los Angeles to dislodge the ship and bring it afloat, the ship´s owner contracted the Crowley Maritime Corp., a worldwide salvage company based in Florida, to float the vessel. Crowley then contacted RE Staite Engineering Inc. of National City, a marine construction company, on Dec. 29 requesting the company join the team in the effort to free the ship. Three more powerful tugs should have arrived in Ensenada by now, but 1st cargo must be unloaded from the ship via a sky crane & fuel oil needs to be pumped from the ship. Both will lighten the ship´s load, thus making the tugboats´ job feasible, but it will take time. Additionally, lines need to be attached to the newly arrived tugboats. Another factor in freeing the ship is the tide. During periods of high tide the ship almost floats; however, during low tide the result is the opposite. The recent high surf that Ensenada experienced also pushed the ship farther inland toward the coast as the tide rose. Initial reports said the crew didn´t wait for the port pilot to guide them into the terminal before trying to bring the vessel into port -- but there is another story that denies this claim. (Thurs. Jan. 5 2006) Photo Feature.     Yacht S/V Myra T -- suffered fire at berth in Vouliagmeni Greece. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)     Panama flag 10,155gt. M/V Steel Trader (built 1974) -- in ballast -- suffered steering problems Dec. 12 & towed to Kingstown Bay St Vincent -- then to Curacao -- welding of the rudder only repair. Reported Dec. 30. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)     39,710gt. Norwegian-registered NYK Line car carrier M/V Anna, in ballast with 4,000 vehicles capacity & 30 crew -- anchored off Minami-Izucho, Shizuoka Prefecture, Dec. 24 -- after she lost power and went adrift in gale -- towed toward Omaezaki. No casualties or further disruption. Now on her way to U.S. from ports of Mizushima, Okayama Prefecture, Omaezaki, Kawasaki and Nagoya. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)     Danish chemical M/T Sydstraum, with 2000 tons industrial alcohol -- aground in Baltic off the Danish island Lolland<< Webfeature, on Dec 28 -- refloated same day. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)     WEEKLY IMB PIRATE REPORTS ___     26 Dec.2005 at 0230 LT at Bontang anchorage, Indonesia -- 8 pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- stole ship´s stores & escaped. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)     18 Dec. 2005 at Palembang anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates hijacked M/T Sedfast<< Webfeature, with 16,585mts vegetable oil. IMB piracy reporting center co-ordinated search -- ship subsequently located on Dec. 24, with cargo intact & crew unhurt. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)     16 Dec. 2005 at 0630 UTC, Kingston harbour, Jamaica -- 5 pirates armed with assault rifles in 25 ft canoe with outboard motor boarded yacht at anchor -- took substantial equipment at gunpoint & escaped. Jamaican authorities informed. No injuries to crew. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)   The cargo letter