John Fredriksen is racing against time to save his empire

John Fredriksen is racing against time to save his empire

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Published  03.02.17 at 14:11

A multiple year boom could be coming to an end for the colorful Norwegian shipping magnate John Fredriksen's crown jewel, Seadrill, as the company has turned out to be USD 14 billion in debt and at which a race against time and unsatisfied bond holders has begun.


Only rarely is a former executive colleague this publicly and so directly criticized – or to say it as it is, completely dissed by his partner of many years in the executive group.

But this was what happened when the controversial Norwegian shipping magnate John Fredriksen, backed by Seadrill

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New world's largest cruise ship Symphony of the Seas isn't just bigger. It's faster





Symphony of the Seas aims to redefine family and adventure travel.


It's not just bigger. It's faster, too.

Royal Caribbean's soon-to-debut Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever built, will be able to travel faster in the water than its sister ships while using the same amount of energy, according to the mariner who will be at its helm.

Speaking with cruise writers during a tour of the nearly-completed vessel at a shipyard in France, Royal Caribbean captain Rob Hempstead said small design changes to Symphony's hull including an improved air bubble lubrication system will make the ship cut through the water better than sister Harmony of the Seas - the current size

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Baleària’s New Eco Ferry Connects Ibiza, Formentera





Image Courtesy: Baleària

Spanish company Baleària’s latest addition, the eco fast ferry Eco AQUA, has started sailing between Ibiza and Formentera.

The 28-meter-long vessel is the first from the batch of four eco fast ferries ordered by the company. The unit was launched by Spanish shipbuilder Astilleros Gondan in early November at its GRP division.

Capable of carrying 350 passengers, the eco ferries have been designed focusing on eco-efficiency, comfort and speed during navigation.

The remaning three ferries from the batch, which will be named Eco TERRA, Eco AIRE and Eco LUX, will be finished between the end of this year and the middle of 2018.


The quartet will feature a wave-piercing bow which displaces water towards the side tunnels in order to maintain speed. Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 28 knots, the ferries are designed to be able to operate in the different short distance trips that the shipping company makes in the Balearic Islands.

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sentencia. Empresa Nacional Elcano




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DESPIDO: improcedente: jubilación forzosa establecida en convenio colectivo extranjero; responsabilidad solidaria: desestimación: previa extinción del contrato de trabajo por expediente de regulación de empleo e inexistencia de sucesión de empresas.

REGULACION DE EMPLEO: indemnización: cuantía: mínima: derecho necesario: excepciones: pacto sobre prejubilación anticipada.

PESCA MARITIMA: competencia de jurisdicción: competencia

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Jeremy Nixon: ONE must find its place among the mega-carriers





"We've actually started over completely, and we're probably the industry's biggest startup," says the CEO of major Japanese container merger Ocean Network Express, Jeremy Nixon, in an interview with ShippingWatch. Things will get real starting April 1 next year.

Photo: Ocean Network Express


Of all the challenging chief executive positions in the global container sector, British Jeremy Nixon seems to occupy the most difficult of all.

 We've actually started over completely, and we're probably the industry’s biggest startup"

Nixon has not only, since July, headed what must in his own words be the container industry's biggest upstart – the merger of three of Japan's biggest carriers, K Line, NYK and MOL, all

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