Sea sand crisis

Sri Lanka's government flayed for mining coastal sand dunes

Published: Tuesday 31 August 2004

environmentalists in Sri Lanka are up in arms against mining of sand dunes in Puttalam, the coastal town in the country's northwest. At stake are the fragile water table, vegetation, freshwater sources and people's safety from harsh winds, they say. Their appeal for stopping sea sand mining comes amid a clamour of demands from the construction industry for lifting restrictions on sand mining in riverbeds.

The government imposed these restrictions last year and the Supreme Court banned mechanised sand mining in rivers earlier this year. These led to a 700 per cent rise in the cost of sand. Aiming to use sand deposits on the west coast as an alternative, the

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What can a bucket of water tell us about Arctic marine life? A lot, says a new study





Scientists have proposed a new technique to monitor the impact of climate change and human activity on marine life

 By DTE Staff
Published: Wednesday 13 January 2021

The surface of the Arctic Ocean, the planet's northernmost waterbody, is frozen most of the year. But under this thick sheet of ice, thrives a diverse ecosystem much of which has eluded marine biologists because of the lack of accessibilty. 

A group of researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources are trying to bridge this information gap using the simplest of tools — a bucket.

In a study published in Environmental DNA on January 7, 2021, they have said seawater samples collected in buckets or bottles can provide crucial

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Océano Atlántico: el origen de la circulación marina y nuestro gusto por el bacalao




9 diciembre 2020 20:53 CET

Situación Meteo viernes 8 de enero 20211

A brief guide to cloud platforms in maritime Brief guide to cloud platforms in maritime

Brief guide to cloud platforms in maritime


The cloud has transformed the way we work, study, play and relax. For a technology most of us use every day, we don’t think too hard about “the cloud”. We blithely save our data there, back up our photos, store our email, use software-as-a-service, but few of us understand it.

The cloud is a global network of interconnected servers we can access via the internet. We can store data, run applications, stream videos, manage email, or carry out many other activities on the servers. With an internet connection, we don’t need to run the apps or store the data on our own devices or manage our own servers.

Virtualization enables the cloud. On a host machine, cloud companies create

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