Philippine Government Aids Effort to Free Kidnapped Tanker Crew




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MT Davide B was boarded and 15 crew kidnapped on March 11 (De Poli Shipmanagement)

BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 03-18-2021 04:58:51

The Philippines government announced that it is getting involved to help secure the release of the kidnapped seafarers that were taken a week ago from De Poli’s chemical tanker MT Davide B approximately 220 nautical miles south of Lagos, Nigeria. The government’s efforts came as the shipowner announced that they had made contact with the crew and that they were all safe.

“Families have been informed and the efforts are underway to secure the crew members’ safe release,” said Ivy Banzon-Abalos, the Executive Director for Strategic Communications at the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs. According to the Philippine authorities, four Filipino crew members were

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Maersk calls for military action over surge in piracy off West Africa

A Maersk container ship travels along the English Channel, January 15 2021. Picture: REUTERS/JOHN SIBLEY

Lagos — The world’s biggest shipping company demanded a more effective military response to surging pirate attacks and record kidnappings off the coast of West Africa.


The number of attacks on vessels globally jumped 20% in 2020 to 195, with 135 crew kidnapped, the International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB’s) piracy reporting centre said in a January 13 report. The Gulf of Guinea accounted for 95% of hostages taken in 22 separate instances, and all three of the hijackings that occurred, the agency said.

The attacks have pushed up insurance and other costs for shippers operating off West Africa, with some resorting to hiring escort vessels manned by

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Los narcos mantienen a Canarias como puerto de escala de la cocaína de Brasil




La Provincia

La Guardia Civil halla 387 kilos de droga en un barco en Tenerife, que se suma a otras cuatro intervenciones en Las Palmas | La carga parte de la ciudad del futbolista Pelé


La cocaína hallada en maletas, dentro de un barco que salió de Brasil y atracó en el puerto de Tenerife. | | LP/DLP

La cocaína brasileña que busca un hueco en mercado negro europeo continúa teniendo a Canarias como puerto de paso. En menos de un año se han hallado en cinco grandes intervenciones 1.848 kilos de esta droga, en su mayor parte mezclada entre productos como café y millo. La última operación que acaba de llevar a cabo la Guardia Civil y

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MICA Center annual report on worldwide maritime piracy and robbery



For the second consecutive year, the Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center) publishes an annual review of maritime piracy and robbery events. This report identifies and characterises the events recorded in 2020 that affect maritime security worldwide.

The total number of events related to maritime piracy and robbery has remained stable over the last five years. With 375 events reported worldwide, it is still almost half the peak number reached in 2011, at the height of the attacks off the coast of Somalia. For the year 2020, the MICA Center notes a slight increase in the number of attacks in the Gulf of Guinea but no increase in the number of people kidnapped. It confirms that piracy off the Horn of Africa remains at a low level and that robbery is on the rise in the Caribbean arc and in South-East Asia (increase in thefts).

Download the MICA Center’s 2020 Report on maritime piracy and robbery in the world.