Shipping Containers Are Falling Overboard at a Rapid Rate





Photo: Bloomberg

Containers piled high on giant vessels carrying everything from car tires to smartphones are toppling over at an alarming rate, sending millions of dollars of cargo sinking to the bottom of the ocean as pressure to speed deliveries raises the risk of safety errors.

The shipping industry is seeing the biggest spike in lost containers in seven years. More than 3,000 boxes dropped into the sea last year, and more than 1,000 have fallen overboard so far in 2021. The accidents are disrupting supply chains for hundreds of U.S. retailers and manufacturers such as Amazon and Tesla.

There are a host of reasons for the sudden rise in accidents. Weather is getting more unpredictable, while ships are

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Investigation into Ever Given casualty begins

Crew expected to be interviewed by Panama flag registry representatives on Tuesday and hand over vessel’s data recorder


Suez Canal Authority, shipmanager and shipowner also expected to conduct parallel investigations as they all pledge to co-operate with all authorities



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A method for intermediate flooding and sinking simulation of a damaged floater in time domain (2)

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Flooding and sinking procedures of a damaged floater is defined.

A method for intermediate flooding and sinking simulation of the damaged floater in time domain is proposed.

Theoretical background for the simulation is established.

We perform the intermediate flooding and sinking simulation.

The time to be equilibrium or the time to sink is estimated from the simulation.



When a floater such as a ship or an offshore structure is damaged in the sea, it is necessary to determine whether the floater will sink in water or not. If the floater will sink, the time to sink should be estimated to make an emergency plan. In addition, causes of

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El Ever Given retenido por la dictadura egipcia

El  País

20.000 contenedores y 25 tripulantes continúan atrapados en el Canal de Suez

Un mes después del accidente que paralizó el comercio mundial, la disputa por el buque ‘Ever Given’ encallado


El Cairo - 03 MAY 2021 - 20:06 CEST

El Ever Given llenó hace un mes las portadas de los periódicos de medio mundo. Este megabuque portacontenedores fue liberado el pasado 29 de marzo de los bancos del canal de Suez, que había bloqueado durante días, atascando una de las principales arterias para el comercio marítimo mundial. Visto en perspectiva, la operación de rescate del coloso resultó ser relativamente fluida. Pero eso no quiere decir que los problemas hayan desaparecido.

Hace semanas que el tránsito de buques en el canal de Suez ha recuperado la normalidad, con la única

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Why Ships Sink – 10 Major Reasons








Marine Insight

Do you have any idea on why ships sink? These massive superstructures weigh thousands of tons, can span hundreds of meters in length, and those responsible for moving goods worth billions of dollars, having an average lifespan of ten to fifteen years.

When building ships of massive dimensions, the risks involved also increase proportionately. The ship construction process can be fraught with a disaster waiting to happen, while the actual sailing on the high seas poses a major threat to the stability of the ships.

All manners of safety arrangements are undertaken by all shipping companies that run thousands of ships plying the oceans. But for an industry of such massive proportions, accidents do tend to happen due to avoidable

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