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IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction Outcome





 February 24th, 2015,

The IMO’s Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction held its 2nd session (SDC2) from Monday 16 through Friday 20 February 2015 under the Chairmanship of Mrs A Jost (GERMANY) and her Vice-Chair, Captain N Campbell (SOUTH AFRICA).

Both subsequently declined re-election for 2016 following which Mr Kevin Hunter (UK) was voted in as Chairman and Mrs Turid Stemre (NORWAY) as Vice-Chair. It will be recalled that SDC encompasses former IMO Sub-Committees DE, FP and SLF (Design, Equipment; Fire Protection; Safety, Load-Lines and Fishing Vessels).

In his welcoming speech, the IMO Secretary General voiced his concerns over the unfolding tragedy taking place in the Mediterranean

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ISM Compliance for Tanker Vessels






Published on February 25th, 2015, back to: News


The Skuld P&I Club has issued a loss prevention bulletin on the ISM Code and its compliance for tanker vessels.

The International Safety Management Code comes with a mandatory compliance requirement by virtue of its adoption in to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Chapter IX, and has come in to force since 1st July 1998. The background for the Code is certain tragic Shipping accidents including the Herald of Free Enterprise in 1987 and the loss of the Estonia in 1994.

Under the Code, effective for most vessels (including Tankers)

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Safety at sea IDX15D1





Austrian communications and information systems house Frequentis (Stand A-040) is giving a public debut to its new ICM (Incident and Crisis Management) system at NAVDEX 2015. ICM organises and automates emergency management procedures to support operators in their decision-making process, and so improve the speed and efficiency of responses. The system integrates into existing maritime communications and information systems.

ICM guides operators through approved emergency management procedures, collating and displaying incident-related information automatically, and identifying key contacts and assigned responsibilities.

According to Frequentis, “These contacts and relevant deployment resources receive automated alerts and information updates, helping to ensure a faster and more informed incident response.”

A particular feature of ICM is the user interface, designed in collaboration with experienced operators.


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ClassNK to improve steel safety standards





19 February 2015
Brittle crack arrest design steel for use on the upper deck and hatch side coaming. Photo: ClassNK

Classification society ClassNK has announced it will begin a joint research project aimed at improving safety standards for ultra-large container ships.

To ensure the smooth adoption of thicker steel in the industry, ClassNK has embarked on developing technical standards in order to clarify the crack arrest parameter for brittle crack arrest steel plates exceeding 80mm in thickness. It aims to create clear evaluation methods in a proposal it will submit for the unified IACS requirements.

The project will be carried out as part of the ClassNK Joint R&D for Industry Program in collaboration with the Japanese Welding Engineering Society (JWES), steel manufacturers, shipbuilders,

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Port entry light





20 Feb 2015

The Sealite PEL installed at a major Australian port

Sealite has introduced a new 5 degree LED Sectored Port Entry Light, which provides an overall 5 degree beam width and over 500,000cd of lighting power at only 30watts electrical consumption.

The PEL has a night-time visible range of over 23NM and day-time visible range of over 5NM, and is designed specifically to suit high-precision sector applications with a typical measured changeover between colour sectors of one minute of arc.

The LEDs can be configured for automatic night time dimming to eliminate the requirement for moving filters, and can also be individually flashed to reduce the need

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