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La Operación Atalanta continuará dos años más





Informe de la Armada: la piratería en Somalia está erradicada

En 2014 no se ha registrado ningún secuestro. Los piratas “están dejando el negocio”

La piratería y los asaltos a buques en Somalia han quedado reducidos a contados episodios esporádicos. En 2014 no se registró ni un solo secuestro, frente a la treintena de incidentes de 2011. Para la Armada española, la misión se da por cumplida aunque el operativo seguirá en activo hasta diciembre de 2016.


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El buque 'Rowan Renaissance'.

Izquierda Unida defenderá en el Congreso que se pida a la Agencia Europea de Seguridad Marítima (EMSA) que

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South Korea Reviews 300 Safety Rules


By MarEx 2015-02-07 20:20:28

South Korea will review around 300 maritime rules this month to improve shipping safety after last year’s Sewol ferry sinking. The government has been criticized over its handling of the tragedy, which led to nearly 300 people, mostly school students, drowning. Nine people are still missing.

The policy review has been instigated by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and follows the dismantling of the coast guard and the prosecution or resignation of many other people associated with the vessel’s management. 

Sewol was overloaded at the time of its sinking in April 2014. Poor steering was also cited as one of the causes of the accident.

News agency Yonhap reports that the ministry will allocate 800 million won ($728,000) to

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ICS publishes new chemical tanker safety guide

Sign up to receive newsletter Submitted by Mark Venables on 5th January 2015

ICS Secretary General, Peter Hinchliffe The ICS has published a new edition of ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals)

A fully updated edition of the definitive industry guidance on the safe operation of chemical tankers has just been published by the shipping industry’s global trade association, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).The new edition of the ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals) replaces the previous edition issued in 2002.

ICS recommends that a copy is carried on board every tanker engaged in the carriage of chemical cargoes, and that copies are also held within shipping company technical departments.Since its first publication over 40 years ago, the ICS Guide has become the standard reference

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