Seguridad marítima

La fé y la seguridad de la vida humana en la mar


Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes é um dos títulos dados a Mãe de Jesus, Maria.
 A fé e a designação Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, tem início no século XV, com a navegação dos europeus, especialmente com os portugueses.
As pessoas que viajavam pelo mar pediam proteção à Nossa Senhora para retornarem aos seus lares.
 Maria era vista como protetora das tempestades e demais perigos que o mar e os rios ofereciam.
A primeira estátua foi trazida de Portugal junto com os navegadores. 
 Pedro Álvares Cabral trazia em sua nau capitânia uma imagem de Nossa Senhora da Boa Esperança, sendo levada até a Índia, onde uma capela em sua homenagem foi erguida e ali ficou até o século XVII sob a guarda de

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Scrubber Discharge Impacts Questioned


By Wendy Laursen 2015-03-13 19:56:36

The ecological risks associated with scrubber use are ignored, while the economic expectations are overestimated, said the German environmental organization Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) on releasing the results of a study conducted by the Dutch research institute CE Delft.

“Obviously, no one has seriously investigated the effects of scrubbers on the marine environment before this technique has been found as a possible solution to the European sulfur directive,” says NABU CEO Leif Miller. “In this case, it really ought to be clear that there is hardly an improvement when pollutants that have been blown into the air, will now be discharged into the sea.”

The study found that while all available monitoring reports show that

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Infographic: European tug casualties, 2004-14




Safety & Security


11 March 2015
This infographic details fatal tug accidents from 2004-14. Copyright: IHS Maritime

While IHS Maritime casualty data records 197 tug incidents in Europe in 2004-14, tugs have a better safety record than some other merchant ship types. Only 19 of the 196 recorded incidents were severe enough to result in the vessel’s total loss.

In this time period, six serious incidents have caused 17 fatalities. But two tragedies – the losses of 2007 of Bourbon Dolphin and the Flying Phantom – accounted for 11 of these 17 deaths. In both cases, a significant factor in the capsixing and subsequent sinking of these tugs was ‘girting’: a well-publicised hazard of tugs of being pulled over by the towlines attaching them

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IACS develops new rules after MOL Comfort casualty

Crystal Chan

09 March 2015
MOL Comfort broke up and sank while en route from Singapore to Jeddah. Photo: Dietmar Hasenpusch/IHS

The International Association of Classifications Societies (IACS) said it has developed two new rules as a result of the break-up and sinking of MOL Comfort.

MOL Comfort, an 8,110-teu container ship, broke up and sank while en route from Singapore to Jeddah on 17 June 2013.

In early 2014, IACS had launched an expert group on structural safety of container ships, which carried out a review of the MOL Comfort incident, also taking into account a number of past casualties.

Related news: Japan calls for box ship safety overhaul

This work has resulted in the development of two new IACS Unified Requirements (URs), namely UR S11A, which is

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IMO Studies Asian Passenger Vessel Safety





 Princess of the Stars capsized in the Philippines in 2008.

By Wendy Laursen 2015-03-07 18:19:39

IMO conducted a hazard identification (HAZID) exercise for non-SOLAS passenger ships in the Philippines last week. The aim is to develop a template for the use of the HAZID by other IMO member states, as a way of enhancing the safety of domestic passenger services.

The exercise was conducted with the participation of officials from the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina), Department of Transportation and Communications, Republic of the Philippines, other government agencies, local classification societies‎, IACS members, domestic shipowners, domestic crew associations, shipyard operators, surveyors and consumer groups. 

The Philippines has suffered some notable maritime accidents, and last year insurer Allianz reported that the nation had the

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