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Safety at sea IDX15D1





Austrian communications and information systems house Frequentis (Stand A-040) is giving a public debut to its new ICM (Incident and Crisis Management) system at NAVDEX 2015. ICM organises and automates emergency management procedures to support operators in their decision-making process, and so improve the speed and efficiency of responses. The system integrates into existing maritime communications and information systems.

ICM guides operators through approved emergency management procedures, collating and displaying incident-related information automatically, and identifying key contacts and assigned responsibilities.

According to Frequentis, “These contacts and relevant deployment resources receive automated alerts and information updates, helping to ensure a faster and more informed incident response.”

A particular feature of ICM is the user interface, designed in collaboration with experienced operators.


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Port entry light





20 Feb 2015

The Sealite PEL installed at a major Australian port

Sealite has introduced a new 5 degree LED Sectored Port Entry Light, which provides an overall 5 degree beam width and over 500,000cd of lighting power at only 30watts electrical consumption.

The PEL has a night-time visible range of over 23NM and day-time visible range of over 5NM, and is designed specifically to suit high-precision sector applications with a typical measured changeover between colour sectors of one minute of arc.

The LEDs can be configured for automatic night time dimming to eliminate the requirement for moving filters, and can also be individually flashed to reduce the need

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Ballast water treatment: The third way




Motor ship 

13 Feb 2015

Under Coldharbour Marine's system, gas lift diffusion (GLD) units stir inert gas into the ballast water

There are options beyond UV and electrochlorination for ballast water treatment systems, as Coldharbour Marine's inert gas system shows. CEO Andrew Marshall discusses the thinking behind the technology, and the challenges any BWT system faces, in The Motorship's February issue.

It is likely that the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention will come into force this year or early 2016. There will be many a furrowed brow as owners, operators and agents decide exactly which system is best for their fleet.

Before Coldharbour Marine designed its ballast water treatment (BMT)

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Chinese coal ship captain arrested for sailing through Great Barrier Reef without pilot



By the National Reporting Team's Mark Willacy

Updated about an hour agoMon 16 Feb 2015, 1:01am

The Australian Federal Police have arrested the captain of a Chinese coal ship for sailing through part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park without a pilot.

The ABC understands the captain — a Taiwanese national by the name of Lu — will plead guilty to a charge of being the master of a ship without a pilot in the marine park, an offence that carries a maximum fine of $85,000.

It is alleged the bulk carrier, the China Steel Developer, left the port of Mackay on New Year's Day and sailed through Hydrographers Passage, a deep water channel near Creal Reef off Mackay, without

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UK: An Update On The IMO’s Proposed Polar Code






Last Updated: 13 February 2015
Article by Rory Macfarlane, Reema Shour and Florian Schacker

Global warming in recent years has resulted in increased maritime traffic in the Northern Sea Route ("NSR"). Whilst the NSR offers both time savings in terms of voyage duration and also bunker cost savings, navigating the Arctic presents a number of challenges for the shipping industry and raises a number of safety and environmental concerns.

As a result, the International Maritime Organisation ("IMO") has produced a draft Polar Code to cover all aspects of shipping in the Arctic and Antarctic areas. The Polar Code comprises a set of mandatory safety and environmental protection regulations, together with non-mandatory provisions relating to both. In May 2014, the IMO's Marine Safety

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