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New shoreside power system reduces carbon emissions at the Port of Gothenburg

  • 2021 January 27 16:02


    The Gothenburg Port Authority has been working for a long time to encourage ships calling at the port to connect to the shoreside power system when at berth instead of keeping their engines running. The shoreside power system is currently undergoing tests at yet another quay, which means that even more ships will be able to connect to shoreside power within a few weeks. There is the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 650 tonnes per year.

    By connecting ships at berth to a shoreside power facility, carbon emissions can be cut substantially, and emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide can be reduced to a minimum. This solution also offers a quieter port environment and an improved

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Captain’s Licence Revoked Following COVID-19 Outbreak at Sea





Photo: Hraðfrystihúsið Gunnvör.


Sveinn Geir Arnarsson, captain of freezer trawler Júlíus Geirmundsson, pleaded guilty when the Westfjords Police Chief’s case against him was heard in the Westfjords District Court last week, Vísir reported. Sveinn has been ordered to pay a fine of ISK 750,000 ($5,800/€4,800) and his captain’s licence has been suspended for a period of four months.

Twenty-two of the vessel’s 25 crew members contracted COVID-19 while at sea last October. The ship did not return to harbour for three weeks despite the outbreak on board. The crew later called for the captain’s resignation. Three months since the incident, some of the ship’s crew are still unable to work due to COVID-19 complications.

Sveinn was charged with

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750 boxes fall off Maersk ship during another Pacific storm





Maersk has confirmed another case of bad weather in the Pacific has knocked hundreds of boxes from one its ships.

The 13,100 teu Maersk Essen was midway through the Pacific bound for Los Angeles when it lost up to 750 containers on January 16 , according to claims consultancy WK Webster. As well as the boxes lost overboard during the storm, many containers have collapsed and been damaged and will need to be removed and repositioned when the ship docks in California. Its scheduled arrival into Los Angeles is tomorrow. Its calls at ports after Los Angeles are likely to be delayed.

Maersk confirmed the incident yesterday in a statement regarding the Danish flagged vessel.

“All crew members are safe and a

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Global Companies Sign Declaration on Seafarer Welfare and Crew Change





(IMO photo)

BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 01-25-2021 07:08:41



Coinciding with the start of the 2021 World Economic Forum, more than 300 companies from a broad range of industries across the globe are coming together to add their voice to the other organizations seeking to call attention to the humanitarian issues and challenges seafarers are facing caused by the restrictions implemented to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Saying that the current issues are not an acceptable way to treat seafarers, the global companies and organizations are committing to take action to resolve the crew change crisis while calling on peers and other stakeholders, in particular relevant government bodies, to join the efforts.

“We, the signatories to The Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change, recognize

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Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier Pilot Project in Japan




Introduction NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI (ClassNK or NK)

• International classification society in Japan established in 1899

• Abt. 20% share of classification of world cargo vessels in Gross Tonnage

• Head Office : Tokyo, Japan

• Abt.130 sites in the world for ship survey

• Offices in U.S. : New York, Charleston, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Norfolk, Seattle ClassNK activities relating to hydrogen / fuel cell

• Guidelines providing additional safety requirements for design and construction of the vessels have been issued based on the results of R&D and IMO discussions. ① Guidelines for Liquefied Hydrogen Carriers (March 2017) ② Guidelines for Fuel Cell Systems On Board Ships (First Edition) (June 2019)

• Design approval and surveys for construction of LH2C for the pilot project in Japan applying the above Guidelines ①. 2