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Prácticos.South Australian ports take additional pilot ladder precautions



From 1 January 2022, Flinders Ports will require visiting vessels and their Masters to take additional safety measures related to pilot ladders.

To remind, it is a requirement by Flinders Ports that “Pilot Boarding” Arrangements for all ports and other areas where Flinders Ports’ pilots and personnel may board a vessel are to be in accordance with the
international regulations.

Due to many incidents involving pilot ladders and man ropes in South Australian ports, and in effort to improve pilot safety, from 1 January 2022 Flinders Ports will require visiting vessels and their Masters to take additional precautions, namely:

  • All Pilot ladders MUST be less than 2 years in age. Pilots and/or visiting port personnel may ask to see pilot ladder construction

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Lawmakers Survey: 94% of Sailors Say ‘Damaging Operational Failures’ Related to Navy Culture, Leadership Problems


USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) departs Huntington Ingalls Industries – Ingalls Shipbuilding’s Pascagoula shipyard to conduct comprehensive at-sea testing on Feb. 3, 2020. US Navy Photo

The Navy’s surface warfare community is weighed with a culture that values administrative chores over training to fight, ship commanders that are micromanaged and an aversion to risk, according to a new survey overseen by a retired Navy admiral and Marine general at the behest of a group of Republican lawmakers. That culture was at least partially responsible for a string “of high-profile and damaging operational failures in the Navy’s Surface Warfare community,” the report found.

The study, titled “A Report on the Fighting Culture of the United States Navy Surface Fleet,” surveyed

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Engine room flooded in ten minutes





In preparation, the engineering staff completed an ice navigation checklist and, among other things, opened the steam valve to the lower sea chest as they thought this would prevent ice build-up.

During the night, the electrical officer of the watch (EOW) noticed a rise in temperature in the fresh water cooling system. He called the chief engineer, who attributed the rise in temperature to an ice blockage in the low sea chest suction. Arrangements were made to use water from the forepeak ballast tank to

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Incendio a bordo del 'Juan Sebastián de Elcano' en el astillero de Navantia en San Fernando




diario de Cádiz

  • El fuego, que parece haberse originado en el pañol de velas, ha sido muy escandaloso al originar una densa columna de humo aunque no ha tardado en ser controlado 


buque-escuela Juan Sebastián de Elcano, que desde el pasado mes de septiembre se encuentra en el astillero de Navantia San Fernando para llevar a cabo su varada reglamentaria. 

Por el momento se desconocen las causas del fuego, que según las primeras informaciones que han trascendido se habría originado en el pañol de velas. No obstante, su alcance -apuntan trabajadores de la factoría- ha sido muy limitado, aunque el incidente ha resultado bastante escandaloso debido a la densa columna de humo

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TEKEVER Signs Maritime Surveillance Contract With EMSA




TEKEVER has signed a new contract with the European Maritime Safety Agency for maritime surveillance by remotely piloted aircrafts. This innovative contract includes the deployment of lifeboats and many new sensors.


TEKEVER press release


The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has awarded a new contract to CLS, a French Space Agency subsidiary, and TEKEVER, a European drone manufacturer, for remotely piloted aircraft surveillance of European waters.


Through a four-year contract with maximum budget of €30M, EMSA is replacing a previous contract signed in 2018 for flights beyond visual line of sight by adding a new rescue capability: CLS and TEKEVER have added a new device to the maritime patrol version of their remotely piloted aircraft, able to

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