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Containers lost at sea




Increased cargo capacities, climate change, and port congestion induced risk


Globally, there are currently over 6,000 active ships carrying containers and the twenty-foot-long containers (TEU) capacity of the container ship fleet has grown by nearly 76% between 2017 and 2020.1 Given this tremendous growth on a large worldwide fleet, the climate change-induced increase in tropical cyclone intensity, paired with the recent congestion at major ports worldwide, amplifies the risk exposure for containers to be lost at sea.

Climate Change

Just looking at the North Atlantic alone, cyclone intensity has visibly increased over the last two decades, with eight of the ten most active years since 1950 occurring within the

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New U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy Singles Out China's "Coercion"





But rather than trying to push ASEAN to confront China, the White House has made an important gesture for unity.



USCG file image




[By Aristyo Rizka Darmawan]

The United States has just released an Indo-Pacific Strategy document, reiterating the importance of the region under President Joe Biden. Even though the document states the United States “will focus on every corner of the region, from Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, to South Asia and Oceania, including the Pacific Islands,” it’s obvious that Southeast Asia is very much in the heart of the US Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Many of the ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states are specifically mentioned, with

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What does Responsibility Means



With responsibility goes authority and with them both goes accountability. This accountability is not for the intentions, but for the deed. The captain of a ship, like the captain of a state, is given honour and privileges and trust beyond other men. But let them set the wrong course, let him touch ground, let him bring disaster to his ship or to his men, and he must answer for what he has done. No matter what, he cannot escape. Have we exploited this social contract beyond all reasonableness today? 

Shipmaster's Job

The last person to complain about seafaring today is probably the shipmaster. Of course there are difficulties and unpleasant aspects to the job, but it is the life he has

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Dutch Detain Captain and Mate for Abandoning Drifting Bulker


Julietta D being towed to Rotterdam ( FlyingFocus photo courtesy of Coastguard of the Netherlands)


 In a strange twist to yesterday’s dramatic sea rescue of the crew from a drifting bulker during a raging storm, Dutch authorities are now detaining the captain and chief mate from the Julietta D. The vessel was secured by a salvage crew from Boskalis and brought to port, but the investigation is questioning the actions of the captain for leaving the vessel.

The Coastguard of the Netherlands reports that it responded to a call received from the 37,200 dwt bulker requesting assistance and a spokesperson told the Dutch news outlet NOS that the Coastguard in those situations does not question the captain’s judgment

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China Has World’s Largest Navy With 355 Ships and Counting, Says Pentagon





Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning underway. PLAN Photo

China has the biggest maritime force on the globe with an inventory of about 355 vessels, according to a Defense Department report released Wednesday.

With 355 ships in its fleet, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is slated to expand its inventory to 420 ships within the next four years, the Pentagon’s annual China military report estimates. By 2030, the PLAN is expected to have 460 ships.

The 355 estimation accounts for “major surface combatants, submarines, aircraft carriers, ocean-going amphibious ships, mine warfare ships, and fleet auxiliaries,” according to the report, which covers events in 2020.

“This figure does not include 85 patrol combatants and craft that carry anti-ship

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