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The Future is Unmanned

Why the Navy should build unmanned fighters as well as unmanned vessels


Back to the future: the X-47B unmanned fighter prototype aboard the carrier USS George H.W. Bush, 2013 (USN)

BY CIMSEC 02-28-2021 08:02:00

[By Trevor Phillips-Levine, Dylan Phillips-Levine, and Walker D. Mills]

In August 2020, USNI News reported that the Navy had “initiated work to develop its first new carrier-based fighter in almost 20 years.” While the F-35C Lightning II will still be in production for many years, the Navy needs to have another fighter ready to replace the bulk of the F/A-18E/F/G Super Hornets and Growlers by the mid-2030s. This new program will design that aircraft. While this is an important development, it will be to the Navy’s detriment if the Next Generation Air Dominance

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The welfare of animals during transport


The welfare of animals during transport(details for horses, pigs, sheep and cattle) Report of the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare Adopted on 11 March 2002

Warning signs of heat stress





When the body is unable to regulate its core temperature, it may be sign of heat stress, a potentially dangerous condition that includes heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. In essence, the body gets under stress from overheating; the symptoms can range from profuse sweating to dizziness, cessation of sweating, and collapse.

In addition to temperature, increased relative humidity, decreased air movement, or lack of shading from direct heat (radiant temperature) can all affect the potential for heat stress.

Types of heat stress

#1 Heat cramps

Heat cramps are painful and severe muscle spasms, primarily in the extremities and abdominal wall. Victims may experience profuse sweating, and dizziness. Treat by moving victim to a cool

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Fallece por Covid-19 en el Negrín un oficial de la Armada del buque oceanográfico 'Hespérides'


El buque tuvo que cancelar su participación en la campaña Antártica por un brote de coronavirus y permaneció 24 días en cuarentena en el Puerto de La Luz

El buque oceanográfico 'Hespérides', y una foto de Francisco Rodríguez Sánchez

El sargento primero de la Armada Francisco Rodríguez Sánchez, de 43 años y perteneciente a la dotación del Buque de Investigación Oceanográfica 'Hespérides', ha fallecido este sábado por Covid-19, tras semanas ingresado en el Hospital de Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín.

Así lo ha informado el Ministerio de Defensa a través de la cuenta oficial de Twitter, desde donde han dado el pésame a familiares y amigos y han mandado "todo el cariño" a la dotación del Hespérides.


"Descanse en Paz el sargento primero de la Armada,

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Nautilus Federation urges for global vaccination programme for seafarers








Nautilus Federation urges for global vaccination programme for seafarers

The Nautilus Federation urged governments and global organisations to establish a worldwide vaccination programme for seafarers and inland waterways transport crew.

The Federation unions believe that the crew change crisis could be addressed by an international attempt to vaccinate maritime and shipping professionals. An international effort would als ensure that seafarers do not miss out on vaccinations while travelling for work.

The joint statement notes that vaccination policies and authorisations by government agencies are different in many jurisdictions, with some vaccines not considered suitable by particular countries.

For this reason, it calls for seafarers who receive a vaccine outside of their country of domicile to only be given one

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