Marine Salvage & Recreational Boaters: Modern Concepts & Misconceptions



Over the past several decades, the number of registered recreational vessels has steadily grown. The number of marinas has burgeoned to meet the almost insatiable demand for pleasure boat berths. During the same time period, the U.S. merchant marine continued its decline and, in many parts of the country, wharves, piers and commercial port facilities fell into disuse. As a result, the recreational boating industry has matured into a major component of the maritime economy of the United States.

With over $10 billion in annual recreational vessel sales, including related goods and services and over ten million registered pleasure boats, recreational boating has begun to exercise a major influence over many traditional spheres of maritime endeavor including admiralty and maritime

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El Coast Guard de Japón adquiere helicpoteros tipo H225

IHS informa que la Guardia Costera de Japón ha adquirido varias unidades de helicóptero tipo H 225, con capacidad para 20 pasajeros, 5,5 t. de elevación, y una velocidad de 175 nudos. Con una autonomía de 4,5 horas.

HRAS Warns of Thousands Abandoned at Sea






By MarEx 2015-05-12 05:17:23

Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) has been informed that trafficked people have been abandoned at sea in the northern part of the Malacca Straits and around the north west of Aceh Province. Most are thought to be persecuted Rohingya people.

It is assessed at this early stage of reporting that the numbers of abandoned people could be in the thousands on board a number of vessels, possibly operating together as flotilla, says HRAS founder David Hammond. Details of the precise type of vessels are unknown at this time, though they are thought to be flying either Indonesian or Thai flags.

HRAS urges the global shipping community and owners to consider acting on this information – and for vessels in the vicinity and transiting

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Hamburg salvage consultant expands





08 May 2015

German salvage consultant and marine surveyor Brand Marine Consultants plans to establish its own engineering division together with a joint venture partner.

The company, launched 18 months ago by Dennis Brand, the former managing director of central German hull and machinery claims handler VHT, is teaming up with Poland's engineering firm NED Projects to launch Brand Engineering at its office in Hamburg. Both partners will hold 50% in the new company.

"It will allow us to produce our own calculations and analyses instead of commissioning third party engineering firms," Brand told IHS Maritime. The salvage consultancy is on track to grow its organisation and streamline its processes this year after a very busy start-up phase since December 2013, he

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Italia rescata a 5.800 inmigrantes en aguas del Mediterráneo




El País

La oleada de inmigrantes hacia el sur de Europa desde la costa libia continúa


La Guardia Costera italiana rescata a 220 inmigrantes en el Mediterráneo. / AFP

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El éxodo continúa, imparable, a pesar de la dureza del desierto, la crueldad de las mafias en Libia o la posibilidad cierta de naufragar y morir en el Mediterráneo. Apenas dos semanas después de la tragedia que costó la vida a cientos de personas en el Canal de Sicilia, los datos que aporta la Marina Militar italiana vuelven a reflejar toda la crudeza del drama: solo durante la jornada del sábado fueron rescatadas 3.690 personas, casi tantas como la cifra récord

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