Police: Boko Haram kill one Chinese, 10 missing in Cameroon


YAOUNDÉ (Cameroon), May 17 ― A Chinese national was killed and 10 others were feared kidnapped after an overnight attack in northern Cameroon believed to have been carried out by Boko Haram militants from Nigeria, a police said today. Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaks at an unknown location in this still image taken from an undated video released by Nigerian Islamist rebel group Boko Haram. Today, police said Boko Haram Islamists attacked a camp of road workers and killed a Chinese national while 10 others were feared kidnapped. ― Reuters pic He said the camp where the Chinese road workers stayed was usually guarded by soldiers from Cameroon's elite Rapid Intervention Battalion. “Their numbers were thinner these past few days because many of them had gone down to Yaounde” for the traditional military parade marking National Day on May 20, the official said. The police officer said the militants also attacked the police post in Waza overnight and raided its armoury. ― AFP -

Pirate Hijack Thwarted as Report of Cost to Merchant Shipping Released

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Misery of Long Term Captives Revealed as Situation on both African Coasts Compared

AFRICA – Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a project of Marcel Arsenault’s One Earth Future Foundation, has released its annual report detailing the economic and human costs of African maritime piracy, a study which in the past has drawn criticism with some critics stating that the costs of maritime crime to freight and passenger interests mentioned are estimated, inflated and sometimes even made up entirely. The report, titled ‘The State of Maritime Piracy 2013’, examines the costs incurred as a result of pirate activity occurring both off the coast of Somalia, as well as in the Gulf of Guinea, and is released just after the most recent attack in the Indian Ocean

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De piratas a pescadores

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De piratas a pescadores

En febrero de 2013, el presidente de Somalia ofreció una amnistía a los piratas que decidieran abandonar sus operaciones en aguas del Índico. Más de 900 antiguos piratas fueron integrados en las Fuerzas Armadas del país y, otros obtuvieron cursos de capacitación como pescadores.

30 de marzo del 2014

En abril de 2005 Somalia volvía a acaparar todas las miradas. Un grupo de desconocidos trataban de tomar al asalto un barco en las aguas del Océano Índico. Y esos hombres que portaban entre sus manos vetustos Kalashnikovs no eran otra cosa que modernos piratas.

Desde aquel primer asalto, un total de 194 barcos han sido secuestrados y 3,741 tripulantes retenidos. Uno de los puntos álgidos en esta crisis

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Piracy Costs Fall, But Its Roots Remain, Says Report

Decline in Hijackings Off Somali Coast Has Nearly Halved Costs to Shipping

May 7, 2014 1:18 p.m. ET

LONDON—A big decline in hijackings off the Somali coast has nearly halved the cost of piracy to the shipping industry, according to a new report, although maritime attacks have grown off West Africa and more than 50 hostages remain in captivity.

A panoply of countermeasures, among them armed guards and patrols by military ships, has all but eliminated successful hijackings. That has pushed down costs of ransom payments, insurance premiums and expensive rerouting of ships around problem zones, says the report, produced by Oceans Beyond Piracy, a Colorado-based nonprofit that since 2010 has charted global

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Hagel se reúne con el ministro de Defensa de Portugal

El secretario de Defensa estadounidense, Chuck Hagel, se reunió hoy con el ministro de Defensa portugués, Pedro Aguiar Branco, para revisar la cooperación militar entre los dos países.

Agencia EFE |  Marzo  31 de 2014

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Washington, 31 mar (EFE).- El secretario de Defensa estadounidense, Chuck Hagel, se reunió hoy con el ministro de Defensa portugués, Pedro Aguiar Branco, para revisar la cooperación militar entre los dos países.

El jefe del Pentágono agradeció a Portugal su aportación a la misión de seguridad aérea en las repúblicas bálticas dentro del marco de la Alianza Atlántica (OTAN).

Tras haber participado en 2007, Portugal volverá a desplegar cazas para la misión en los cielos de Lituania, Estonia y Letonia a finales de este año,

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