España sustituye el avión de la misión contra la piratería en Somalia


22/08/2014 (12:24)

Madrid, 22 ago.- El destacamento aéreo desplegado en la base de , en la misión Atalanta de lucha contra la piratería en aguas del Índico, ha sustituido el avión de vigilancia marítima P-3 Orión por otro similar, ha informado hoy el .

La nueva aeronave releva a la que ha estado operando en la zona desde su llegada el 23 de mayo y que ahora regresa a para someterse a su mantenimiento programado, tras realizar más de 460 horas de vuelo en 34 misiones.

El teniente coronel Carlos Fernández-Llebrez recibió a la tripulación procedente del Grupo 22, perteneciente al Ala 11 con base en

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Masters, shipowners face liability risk from armed guards’ mistakes


Jun  3, 201411:23 AM

A private armed guard protecting a ship from pirates does not enjoy the same legal immunity guaranteed to military personnel, including this joint U.S. Navy and Coast Guard patrol that boarded a suspected pirate vessel in the Gulf of Aden, below.

Courtesy Security Association for the Maritime Industry

In protecting merchant ships from pirates, private armed guards have become a favorite tool. The guards and their weapons, however, present legal risks for the shipowner and master if something goes wrong. The liability exposure and desire to defend ships safely have led to various efforts to establish professional standards and best practices for the deployment of the gun-toting guards. An international certification program has been created to vet the security

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South China Sea, Strait of Malacca see rise in piracy

Several ships have been hijacked in the high seas off Malaysia this year; smaller vessels are also at risk.

By Grace Chen for Khabar Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur

June 10, 2014

Pirates have recently targeted large commercial ships sailing on both sides of the Malaysian Peninsula, but local small boat operators say their vessels are also vulnerable to crime.

Piracy has a big impact on smaller boats, says Robert Fernandez, a commercial diver based in Selangor, Malaysia. [Grace Chen/Khabar]

Most cases reported to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) involve tankersand cargo ships. Many others – attacks on fishing boats, leisure boats and the like –

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Pirates Suddenly Emerging Against Merchant Vessels Off New Coast of Africa


The Sun

Somali pirates free 11 crew of Malaysian-owned cargo vessel MV Albedo


      Updated    Sun 8 Jun 2014, 9:58am AEST

Eleven sailors held hostage for almost four years by Somali pirates have been freed and are safe on their way to Kenya, according to regional and United Nations officials.

The 11 men freed were part of crew on Malaysian-owned cargo vessel MV Albedo which was hijacked 1,500 kilometres off Somalia in November 2010, while sailing from the United Arab Emirates to Kenya.

The men, who had been held in dire conditions and had been beaten and tortured, hailed from Bangladesh, India, Iran and Sri Lanka.

No ransom is believed to have

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