Piracy in - West Africa

Take a boat ride out from the Nigerian port of Lagos and it is easy to see why piracy, sea robbery and other forms of maritime crime are such a problem.

The ocean is swarming with cargo ships, oil tankers, barges and other vessels waiting for permission to enter the overcrowded port.

Great hulks of rusting metal, anchored and sitting low in the water, almost as if they are inviting pirates to sling their ladders over the side and clamber up on board.

"It was 14 August 2014," says Nigerian navigation officer Rotimi George.

"At around 2am I heard banging on my cabin door: Boom, boom, boom, boom. 'Pirate attack, pirate attack'. They seized the captain, who was Russian, and the Ukrainian chief officer."

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NCC Calls For Stakeholders’ Support In Fighting Piracy

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The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) on Thursday urged stakeholders in the entertainment industry to join the commission to fight piracy.

The Director-General of the commission, Mr Afam Ezekude, who was represented by the Lagos Zonal Manager, Mr Chris Nkwocha, made the plea at a news conference in Lagos.

Ezekude said the problem of piracy was getting worse by the day and the fight against it could not be fought alone without the support of stakeholders in the industry.

“Stakeholders have been supportive but need to put in more efforts to support the struggle.

“Piracy challenges have become a burden to practitioners in the industry.

“The commission will not tolerate piracy in the country; we will not relent in

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STORMY SEAS OR PIRACY? M'sian navy ship LOST off Sabah coast




The Royal Malaysian Navy has lost contact with one of its gunboats off the  coast of Sabah.

Navy chief Abdul Aziz Jaafar in a Twitter posting last night confirmed the  boat with seven crew members was lost during rough seas.

"Three Royal Malaysian Navy ships KD Lekiu (above), KD Paus and KD Serang have been tasked in the search and rescue (SAR) operation.

"The Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency  are also assisting in the SAR operation," he said.

Abdul Aziz  said the lost gunboat carried the pennant number CB204 and  was led by Lieutenant Azri Bakar.

"Pray that they are safe," he said

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SOMALIA: The 4th high level conference on Somalia piracy concluded in Dubai

SOMALIA: The 4th high level conference on Somalia piracy concluded in Dubai

Posted on November 1, 2014Somali News

Dubai (RBC) The U.A.E. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and DP World have concluded the highly successful U.A.E. Counter-Piracy Conference, held on 29-30 October in Dubai.

“Building on the accomplishments of the last three U.A.E. Counter-Piracy Conferences, this meeting of public and private sector stakeholders has surpassed expectations in setting up a framework at a national, regional and international level to foster coordinated efforts to effectively combat maritime piracy at sea and regional threats on land. Memorable outcomes were achieved with all discussions steered towards constructive solutions that will have a profound effect on Africa and the world’s collective long-term future,” said the

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Q3 2014: Maritime Crime Continues to Plague Industry




Source: http://www.dryadmaritime.com/


Gulf of Guinea


The spike in the number of kidnapping incidents that occurred in Nigerian waters in Q1 of 2014 was followed by a break in such criminality, with just one further report being received in the five month period thereafter. However, on 14 August pirates boarded support vessel MV Lamnalco Merlin south of Brass and two crew were abducted for ransom. A similar raid followed on 18 September when pirates kidnapped five crew from MV King Jesus offshore Akwa Ibom State. As is nearly always the case both incidents occurred after midnight in areas just outside of the 12 nm TTW policed by the

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