Pirates Kidnap 19 Crewmembers from Navios VLCC


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BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 2019-12-04 13:57:25

On Tuesday, pirates boarded the Navios oil tanker Nave Constellation at a position about 75 nm south of Bonny, Nigeria and abducted 19 out of 26 crewmembers on board. It is the latest - and among the most severe - in a string of kidnapping incidents in the region this year. 

In a statement, Navios said that the abductees include 18 Indian nationals and one Turkish citizen. The remaining seven seafarers on board navigated the vessel to safety. No pollution or vessel damage was reported. 

According to maritime security consultancy Dryad Global, the attack occurred in a particularly dangerous hotspot for maritime piracy - the waters south of the Niger River Delta near the southeastern boundary of

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Luz Vaz. Inspectora de ITFOffshore support ship attacked, 5 crew kidnapped in Mar 9 attack


Mikhail VoytenkoNewsMarch 16, 2019 6:57 pm


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It was know for quite a time, that an offshore ship was attacked in Gulf of Guinea in 03 57N, 006 39E, 32 miles southeast of Brass, in the morning Mar 9. According to IMB, the ship was approached by pirates armed with machine guns in two speed boats. The captain immediately notified the naval escort security vessel which manoeuvred to engage the pirates. One speed boat closed in from the port side of the vessel and crossed the bow, while the other speed boat exchanged fire with the security vessel. The alarm was raised, the crew proceeded to the engine room and all power was shut down. The pirates boarded the vessel with

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Pirates off Nigeria kidnap 2 from U.S. oil supply ship






Captain and engineer taken from ship in West Africa's Gulf of Guinea

The U.S. oil supply ship C-Escort, owned by Edison Chouest Offshore of Cut Off, La., is a sistership to the C-Retriever, which has been attacked by pirates off the coast of Nigeria. (Edison Chouest Offshore)


Pirates attacked an oil supply vessel off the Nigerian coast and kidnapped the captain and chief engineer, both U.S. citizens, a U.S. defence official and security sources said Thursday.

Pirate attacks off Nigeria's coast have increased by a third this year as ships passing through West Africa's Gulf of Guinea, a major commodities route, have come

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Nigeria water’s now worse than Somalia


ON AUGUST 8, 201812:13


 By Godwin Oritse

For the second consecutive quarter in 2018, the global maritime report on piracy has put Nigeria on the spot, occupying number one position in the number of recorded attacks against vessels in the second quarter 2018, Q2’18. *Pirates

The first six months of 2018 saw a significant rise in the number of recorded piracy and armed robbery incidents in the Gulf of Guinea region compared to the same period in 2017.

The Q1’18 report from the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) shows an increase in global piracy, with 107 incidents recorded in the first six months of 2018 compared to 87 in the same period in 2017. Most alarming is the increase in the number of incidents

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La Línea: "Los narcos van en gran cilindrada y nosotros en Citröen antiguo"

Diario Andalucía

La población gaditana se moviliza para pedir a las administraciones una mayor implicación en un momento en el que los narcotraficantes se mueven casi con total impunidad

Los sindicatos policiales piden más medios y más personal para combatir en una guerra en la que las bandas cuentan con la última tecnología y con unas 3.000 personas 

"Los narcos van en coches de gran cilindrada y nosotros en un citröen antiguo. Tras nuestras reclamaciones, Zoido nos mandó un todoterreno con 400.000 kilómetros. Se cachondean de nosotros", denuncia Antonio Olivencia, coordinador del Campo de Gibratar del Sindicato Unificado de Policía

Los vecinos denuncian que "el más tonto gana 1.000 euros en un día". "Hay una generación que ha normalizado vivir del narco"

Francisco J. Jiménez 


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