Piracy: 1 billion euros of damage in 2019 according to a study published by Hadopie




 December 3, 2020

2,650 jobs destroyed

Sale of DVDs and Blu-rays, cinemas, subscription video, pay channels, advertising revenue, sports ticketing… Exceeding one billion euros, the shortfall represents 9% of a market of 11.6 billion. If physical sales (310 M €) and TV subscriptions (260 M €) are the most affected, public finances are deprived of more than 320 M € in tax revenue.
Piracy also represents a potential destruction of 2,650 jobs for the sectors concerned, “already very weakened by the effects of the health crisis”, as recalled by Denis Rapone, the president of the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the internet (Hadopi).