Dutch freighter asked Spain for shelter encountering water ingress




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General cargo ship ZEALAND DELILAH reported water ingress on Dec 6 off Spain coast, Atlantic, while en route from Las Palmas to Amsterdam. The ship asked Spanish authorities for shelter to fix the problem, permission was granted. ZEALAND DELILAH didn’t ask for towage, being able to sail under own power. Spanish SAR ship GAVIA was tasked with escorting ZEALAND DELILAH to La Coruna, nominated as a shelter port. ZEALAND DELILAH reached La Coruna and was docked at night Dec 6, remained berthed during Dec 7.




Ultra Large Container Ship lost 1816 containers, approaching Kobe




Posted in Accidentes by Mikhail Voytenko on Dic 07, 2020 at 12:48.

Dec 7 UPDATE from ship’s manager:

Singapore, December 7, 2020. Update No 5.

Chidori Ship Holding LLC as owners and NYK Shipmanagement Pte Ltd as managers of the container vessel ONE Apus (IMO# 9806079) can now confirm the contents of the estimated 64 Dangerous Goods containers, which were among 1,816 units lost overboard after the vessel encountered severe weather on Monday, November 30, 2020,
54 of the DG containers carry fireworks whilst a further eight hold batteries, and two contain liquid ethanol. A notification was sent to the JRCC in Honolulu and Guam with maritime navigational warnings subsequently broadcast. We are continuing to liaise with the JRCC in Honolulu, who has advised that there have not

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• A giant floating crane is lifting up parts of the dismantled ship before they will be taken to Gulf coast




Friday, Dec 4th 2020 4PM 5°C 7PM 3°C 5-Day Forecast

First glimpse inside a sunken cargo ship: 400ft anchor chain slices through the Golden Ray to reveal 4,200 Hyundai cars not seen since the vessel capsized last September off Brunswick, Georgia

  • The Golden Ray capsized near the Port of Brunswick in September 2019, with 4,000 cars onboard
  • Engineers are finally demolishing the boat, using an anchor chain to saw it into eight sections 
  • A giant floating crane is lifting up parts of the dismantled ship before they will be taken to Gulf coast


PUBLISHED: 17:55 GMT, 2 December

2020 | UPDATED: 18:53 GMT, 2 December 2020





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A huge cargo ship carrying 4,200 cars has been split open with an anchor chain,

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Storm damaged containership ONE Apus headed for Kobe





The boxship ONE Apus which suffered the loss or damage of over 1,800 containers in a severe storm in the Pacific is headed to the Port of Kobe, Japan

Marcus Hand | Dec 04, 2020

A statement from owners Chidori Holding LLC and NYK Shipmanagement said that the ONE Apus was now sailing to Kobe with an estimated arrival of 8 December having turned around following major damage to the vessel’s container stacks in a severe storm while the vessel was bound for the port of Long Beach from Yantian.

The 14,000 teu vessel suffered loss of 1,816 containers according revised estimates from the owners and managers, with 64 of the containers believed to be dangerous goods cargoes. A photo (above) taken from the containership circulating on social media

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Se hunde en Vigo el pesquero Baffin Bay despues de sufrir un incendio.

El pesquero incendiado en Bouzas se hunde

La Voz de Galicia. 03.12.2020

Tras casi once horas de incendio, los desperfectos afectaban a la bodega del congelador Baffin Bay, que estuvo sujeto a dos remolcadores. El Puerto ha desplegado la red anticontaminación

VIGO 03/12/2020 19:45 H

Los bomberos de Vigo han trabajado desde la mañana, casi once horas, en sofocar un fuego en el barco pesquero Baffin Bay atracado en los muelles de reparaciones de Bouzas. Fuentes de la investigación, que ya temían que los serios desperfectos ocasionados por el fuego en la bodega y el parque de pesca generasen problemas, confirman que el buque se hunde. A las 20.00 horas, el fuego estaba llegando al depósito y las autoridades

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