Un destructor USA colisiona con un petrolero en el estrecho de Malacca




El destructor estadounidense McCain, perteneciente a la 7 ª Flota de la Marina USA, ha colisionado a las 5:24 de la madrugada del lunes 21 de agosto de 2017, con un buque de productos químicos , el ALNIC MA, de bandera de Liberia, cuando navegaban frente a la ciudad estado de Singapur, cerca del estrecho de Malaca.

A consecuencia de la colisión el McCAin ha sufrido importantes daños en la aleta de babor (parte izquierda de la popa en el sentido de buque avante).

El gobierno de Singapur ha dicho que a bordo del ALNIC MC, de 183 m de eslora, no se han registrado heridos y que el barco presenta daños en su zona de proa, en un compartimento situado unos 7 m. por encima de la línea de flotación.

En el momento de la colisión, eL ALNIC MC se dirigía al puerto de Singapur, situado en la parte Sur de la península de Malaca, que es uno de los puertos más concurridos del mundo.

Un portavoz de la Marina USA ha dicho que se llevaría a cabo una investigación. Singapur, en el extremo sur de la Península Malaya, es uno de los puertos más concurridos del mundo y un aliado estadounidense, con su base naval regularmente visitada por buques de guerra estadounidenses.


La USS Navy sufre dos colisiones en dos meses

La colisión del McCain es la segunda que sufre un barco de la 7ª Flota de la Armada del Pacífico en el plazo de 2 meses.

El pasado mes de junio murieron 7 miembros de la tripulación del USS Fitzgerald, cuando ese colisionó en aguas de Japón con un buque portacontenedores.


El capitán del Fitzgerald fue destituido del mando y otros miembros de la dotación fueron castigados después de que la Marina USA considerase sus responsabilidades en el accidente.

Trump se preocupa de los suyos

El presidente Donald Trump ha expresado su preocupación por la tripulación de McCain.

Trump volvió a Washington el domingo por la noche desde su club de golf de Nueva Jersey. Cuando los reporteros le gritaron preguntas sobre el McCain, él respondió: "Eso es muy malo".

Alrededor de dos horas más tarde, Trump twitteó que sus "pensamientos y oraciones" están con los marineros de McCain mientras los esfuerzos de búsqueda y rescate continúan.

El McCain, de 154 metros (505 pies), ha sido así nombrado en honor al padre y abuelo del senador John McCain, ambos almirantes estadounidenses, se encuentra en el puerto de origen de Yokosuka, Japón, en la base de la 7ª Flota. Fue comisionado en 1994 y tiene una tripulación de 23 oficiales, 24 jefes de los suboficiales y 291 marineros alistados, según la web de la Armada.

Times free press

SINGAPORE (AP) — Ten U.S. sailors are missing after the USS John S. McCain collided with a tanker early Monday east of Singapore, the second accident involving a ship from the Navy's 7th Fleet in the Pacific in two months.

The Navy said five sailors were hurt in the collision between the guided-missile destroyer and the 183-meter (600-foot) Alnic MC, an oil and chemical tanker. Four of them were evacuated by a Singaporean navy helicopter to a hospital in the city-state for treatment of non-life threatening injuries, and one did not require further medical attention.

The McCain had been heading to Singapore on a routine port visit after conducting a sensitive freedom of navigation operation last week by sailing near one of China's man-made islands in the South China Sea.

The destroyer was damaged on its port side aft, or left rear, from the collision that happened at 5:24 a.m., the Navy's 7th Fleet said, but was heading to port under its own power. The Singapore government said no crew were injured on the Liberian-flagged Alnic, which sustained damage to a compartment at the front of the ship some 7 meters (23 feet) above its waterline.

Singapore sent tugboats and naval and coast guard vessels for the search and rescue effort. Malaysia's navy chief Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin tweeted that two ships as well as aircraft from its navy and air force were helping with the search for the missing sailors. He tweeted a photo of the McCain that showed a gaping hole in its side near the waterline. The Navy said Osprey aircraft and Seahawk helicopters from the USS America were assisting in the search.

There was no immediate explanation for the collision and the Navy said an investigation would be conducted. Singapore, at the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula, is one of the world's busiest ports and a U.S. ally, with its naval base regularly visited by American warships.

The collision was the second involving a ship from the Navy's 7th Fleet in the Pacific in two months. Seven sailors died in June when the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship hit each other in waters off Japan.

The Fitzgerald's captain was relieved of command and other sailors were being punished after the Navy found poor seamanship and flaws in keeping watch contributed to the collision, the Navy announced last week. An investigation into how and why the Fitzgerald collided with the other ship was not finished, but enough details were known to take those actions, the Navy said.

President Donald Trump has expressed concern for the McCain's crew.

Trump returned to Washington on Sunday night from his New Jersey golf club. When reporters shouted questions to him about the McCain, he responded, "That's too bad."

About two hours later, Trump tweeted that "thoughts and prayers" are with the McCain's sailors as search and rescue efforts continue.

The 154-meter (505 foot) McCain, named after U.S. Sen. John McCain's father and grandfather who were both U.S. admirals, is based at the 7th Fleet's homeport of Yokosuka, Japan. It was commissioned in 1994 and has a crew of 23 officers, 24 chief petty officers and 291 enlisted sailors, according the Navy's website.

McCain said on Twitter that he and his wife Cindy are "keeping America's sailors aboard the USS John S McCain in our prayers tonight — appreciate the work of search & rescue crews."


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USS John S. McCain in collision with tanker

A file image of the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain. Picture: AFP


South East Asia correspondent




A US navy guided-missile destroyer is fighting flooding and a sea search has been mounted for ten missing sailors following a collision with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore earlier today, the second collision involving a US warship in as many months.

The Navy’s 7th Fleet command said the USS John S McCain collided with the Liberian-flagged merchant vessel Alnic MC around 5.24am (AEST 07.24am) as it headed to Singapore for a port visit.

The accident occurred near the Malacca Strait, one of the world’s busiest and most congested shipping lanes.

Five sailors were also injured in the collision, the US Navy said in a statement.

“Four of the injured were medically evacuated by a Republic of Singapore Navy Puma helicopter to a hospital in Singapore for non-life threatening injuries. The fifth injured Sailor does not require further medical attention,” the statement said.

Search and rescue efforts are now underway for the missing sailors with helicopters and surveillance aircraft deployed from the amphibious assault ship USS America. Singapore and Malaysia have also sent ships and aircraft to the area to join the effort.

Ten sailors are missing and five injured after the McCain collided with a tanker east of Singapore.

A US Navy official told CNN the USS John S McCain had experienced a loss of steering before the collision with the 30,000 ton, 600 foot long oil tanker but was steaming under its own power to port despite limited propulsion and electrical power.

Initial reports indicate the US ship sustained damage to its rear left side.

Just last week the US Navy took disciplinary action against a dozen sailors, including two senior commanders, from the USS Fitzgerald navy destroyer which collided on June 17 with a merchant ship, resulting in the deaths of seven US sailors.

The two top officers were relieved of their posts after a review found them guilty of “inadequate leadership”, and that the collision off the coast of Japan was “avoidable”.

In total the US navy has suffered four mishaps in the Pacific this year.

On May 9, the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain was struck by a small fishing boat off the Korean Peninsula.

In late January, the guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam ran aground while trying to anchor in Tokyo Bay.

All four of the US warships are equipped with the Aegis missile defense system, which has been touted as a possible defense against any North Korean missile launch that might endanger US forces and US allies in Asia.

The USS John S. McCain, based at the US 7th Fleet’s homeport of Yokosuka, Japan, is named for the father and grandfather of US Senator John McCain, both of whom were US Navy admirals.

Shortly after this morning’s collision Senator McCain, a former captain in the US Navy, posted a message on Twitter expressing concern for the fate of the ship’s sailors.

“Cindy and I are keeping America’s sailors aboard the USS John S McCain in our prayers tonight _ appreciate the work of search and rescue crews,” he tweeted.

Earlier this month, the 505 foot long McCain carried out a freedom-of-navigation operation in the South China Sea, sailing within six nautical miles of Mischief Reef, one of the artificial islands built by China in the Spratlys.

The ship has a crew of 23 officers, 24 chief petty officers and 291 sailors.