Container feeder sinks near Guangzhou port


Dexter Yan

10 June 2015 IHS

A container feeder sank near Guangzhou port early morning on 10 June, with all crew members rescued without injuries.

Xin Hong 328 sank around 04:50 h local time when it passed through the waters near Shajiao Anchorage of Guangzhou port, according to Xinhua News Agency, citing the Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration (Guangzhou MSA).

All eight crew members on board the container feeder, which was loaded with 72 containers and en route from Hong Kong to Nansha port's Dongfa pier, were rescued around 05:30 h local time after falling into the water.

The Guangzhou MSA dispatched four patrol vessels near the accident site to the rescue of the container feeder.

None of the crew members sustained any injuries.

The Guangzhou MSA has imposed traffic control in the waters near the accident site as some of the containers carried by the vessel had fallen into water and disrupted the traffic nearby. They have also started to salvage the sunken vessel and containers in the water.