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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Note from the Managing Director (3 April 2020)

In line with guidance from governments and public health authorities our offices remain closed and staff work from home. You can reach us by email and phone as normal as all desk phone extensions are redirected.

As highlighted previously, we have postponed all physical Committee and Panel meetings until restrictions are lifted, including, unfortunately, our Annual Tanker Event in Oslo. We are however running virtual meetings to ensure the work of our various bodies does not get delayed unduly and will continue to do so until the situation improves. We do not anticipate to have the opportunity for physical meetings until Q3 2020 at the earliest. 

Mindful of Members’ Covid-19 focus and workload, we have shortened and restructured the Regional Panel meetings, delivering them as webinars (available to all members), and highlighting urgent and important issues surrounding the pandemic, as well as ongoing challenges arising from the implementation of the 2020 Sulphur Regulations. Through these sessions, we are also keeping the focus on relevant regional content, such as a ‘European Update’ at the European Panel, and an intervention from RADM Timme of USCG at the North American one. Presentations from these sessions are available on our website and you can see a full report from the North American panel here.

While we continue to refine the format of our virtual sessions, your feedback and ideas on how we can enhance your experience are very welcome. If you have yet to attend one of the virtual panels, you can register via our event calendar online ( You can also indicate whether you would like us to keep you informed of future events through your website profile on and receive direct invitations to register. Remember, you can ‘attend’ any of the virtual Panel meetings, regardless of your geographical location. 

Member Services
The Secretariat continues to work hard at supporting Members with both industry and individual challenges. From getting seafarers recognised as key workers by the UN and country governments, trying to facilitate crew changes; to assisting with getting medical support for an on board injury stalled by Covid-19 restrictions, your priorities are our priorities. To this end, we have now launched guidance for Members developing and reviewing Outbreak Management Plans for their vessels which can be downloaded here.

Coordination activities with IMO, WHO, ILO, ITF, the EC, national and sectoral shipping associations, Port State Control MoUs, coastal and Flag States, as well as other stakeholders such as Class, Insurers, OCIMF, CDI etc. are starting to bear fruit and some of the high level issues are being addressed gradually.

Information and developments, often shared by Members and our great network of Associate Members, are added to the COVID information centre on our website It currently covers the following topics:

Please do continue to propose additional lines of activity to assist members during this crisis. We are doing our utmost to provide useful, useable support and bring the weight of your combined Membership to bear on international decision making, protecting your operations and interests. 

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