Hydrosphere to launch Jet 1200 buoy at Seawork





14 May 2015
The new JET1200 buoy from Hydrosphere

The new JET1200 buoy from Hydrosphere

Aids to navigation company Hydrosphere will launch the latest in navigational aid technology at Seawork 2015.The new type of buoy, the JET1200, is from Mobilis for which Hydrosphere is the British representative.

It has a 1.5m diameter hull size with 1200kgs of buoyancy and is constructed entirely from polyethylene.

“This is a brand new buoy which hasn’t been seen before,” said Hydrosphere MD, John Caskey. “There’s no metal used in the buoy’s construction at all making it lightweight and corrosion free. The design and manufacturing process incorporates a rotationally moulded central structure meaning the buoys are moulded making them lighter and easier to handle from smaller vessels.

“Traditionally Mobilis buoys are constructed around a hollow galvanised steel central structure with polyethylene hull float sections.”

The buoys are rated UV17 meaning they will be within International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) colour guidelines for a minimum of 17 years at British latitudes.

“Another advantage of the new buoys is that being made from the same material, the daymark and hull has an exact colour match,” said Mr Caskey.

Stability is achieved through the lightweight ballasted structure which also includes an internal radar reflector. In addition, the buoys are suitable for use with a bridle mooring.

All parts are accessible for easy service and replaceable if required. The new JET1200 buoys are particularly suitable for use in near shore locations where high visibility is required and have the option of 1.9m floats with 2000kg buoyancy.

And they have already been chosen by Lochinver on Scotland’s North West coast, managed by the Highland Council which is the first to embrace the new technology.

The harbour is a landing point for not only UK but also European fishing vessels and when new navigation buoys were needed consideration had to be paid to those which would be reliable and long lasting. 

By Katina Read 


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The new JET1200 buoy from Hydrosphere The new JET1200 buoy from Hydrosphere