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20 Feb 2015
The Sealite PEL installed at a major Australian port

The Sealite PEL installed at a major Australian port

Sealite has introduced a new 5 degree LED Sectored Port Entry Light, which provides an overall 5 degree beam width and over 500,000cd of lighting power at only 30watts electrical consumption.

The PEL has a night-time visible range of over 23NM and day-time visible range of over 5NM, and is designed specifically to suit high-precision sector applications with a typical measured changeover between colour sectors of one minute of arc.

The LEDs can be configured for automatic night time dimming to eliminate the requirement for moving filters, and can also be individually flashed to reduce the need to employ moving oscillating boundaries.

Sealite’s engineering team are extremely proud of the product which has been developed.


“This is a 5° PEL with one arc minute between sectors. When we designed this PEL we included a Vernier adjustment feature to enable precision adjustment by installation personnel on site. We chose carbon composite tube for the main body for it’s strength, durability and thermal stability to maintain beam integrity and overall accuracy” commented Sealite Senior Design Engineer, Mr. Geoff Rankin.

“We were able to maintain the low 30 watt power consumption through a series of complex internal optics to suit both 5 and 10 degree designs. Customers using battery backup also benefit from the considerable autonomy in the event of mains power failure” commented Sealite Systems Engineer, Ms. Dana Tomaszewicz.

Sealite’s port entry lights are also ready for immediate interfacing with AIS Type 1 or Type 3 systems, as well as GSM facilities for remote monitoring and control, and have alarm relay contacts for remote monitoring to alert to fault conditions. An external light sensor may also be connected for installation flexibility.

Programming is achieved via Sealite’s convenient PC configuration tool. The user simply connects their PC to the lantern via a built in weather-proof port eliminating the need to open the unit. Up to 32 sector intensity settings and over 256 standard and custom flash codes may be selected, in addition to advanced features such as multiple day/night intensity settings and switching between internal and external photo-cells.

Sealite’s new PEL was launched at the IALA Conference in Spain in late May as part of a broader release of latest Sealite products which included 6-19NM long range lanterns, AIS technology, and an AtoN asset management mobile application.

By Jake Frith