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Océano Atlántico: el origen de la circulación marina y nuestro gusto por el bacalao




9 diciembre 2020 20:53 CET

Ice Dynamics and Palaeoclimate team




Our ambition

A priority for this team is to develop a deeper understanding of climate change and the response of the ice sheets so that we can improve our ability to explain the risk of future Antarctic and Greenland ice sheet loss and its impact on sea level.

Ice cores being stored at the drilling site on Berkner Island, Antarctica

By investigating the interplay between ice dynamics and the climate we aim to predict the future of the polar ice sheets. Observation and modelling of the mass balance of the ice sheets in response to present climate change is critical to our understanding of future change. By applying our expertise in the fields of ice core research we are enhancing knowledge of past climate

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A brief guide to cloud platforms in maritime Brief guide to cloud platforms in maritime

Brief guide to cloud platforms in maritime


The cloud has transformed the way we work, study, play and relax. For a technology most of us use every day, we don’t think too hard about “the cloud”. We blithely save our data there, back up our photos, store our email, use software-as-a-service, but few of us understand it.

The cloud is a global network of interconnected servers we can access via the internet. We can store data, run applications, stream videos, manage email, or carry out many other activities on the servers. With an internet connection, we don’t need to run the apps or store the data on our own devices or manage our own servers.

Virtualization enables the cloud. On a host machine, cloud companies create

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NOAA Awards $180 Million Contract for Two New Research Ships




Maritime executive

The 1989-built NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer (NOAA file image)

BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 01-01-2021 06:12:00


NOAA has awarded a contract worth $180 million to the Louisian shipyard Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors for a pair of new research vessels. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) is working in partnership with NOAA on the newbuilds, reflecting its experience acquiring civilian research ships in the T-AGOR program.

“We can all be proud that these two new NOAA ships will be built in the United States by highly skilled workers, and to the highest standards,” said U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. “The nation will benefit greatly from the information these state-of-the-art vessels will collect for decades to come.”

The new single-hulled vessels will be named after

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