By Dr. Salvatore R. Mercogliano

COVID and the Straining Merchant Marine

On July 29, 2020, the heads of three maritime unions – Marshall Ainley of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, Don Marcus from the International Organization of Masters, Mate & Pilots, and Michael Sacco, the long-time President of Seafarers International Union – jointly penned a letter to Rear Admiral Michael A. Wettlaufer, the Commander of the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command. In their one-page letter, they were blunt and to the point: “We are writing to you today to communicate our ongoing and increasingly grave concerns regarding the mental health and well-being of MSC’s CIVMARS [civilian mariners].”

The letter sent to the commander of Military Sealift

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Shippers balk at EU carbon market plan


The shipping sector has been excluded from emissions trading so far. [Photo: Shutterstock]

The shipping industry has railed against plans to expand the EU carbon market to the maritime sector ahead of a crucial vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday (15 September) that risks putting lawmakers on a collision course with shippers.

Unlike power plants, industrial sites and flights within the EU, ships are currently exempt from paying to pollute under the bloc’s Emissions Trading System (ETS), but that looks set to come to an end soon.

MEPs will vote on whether to support an initiative that aims to expand the ETS into uncharted waters, while the European Commission has repeatedly indicated that it is a part of its climate agenda.

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RRemaniement : Un ministère de la mer !







Les acteurs de la filière maritime, qui s’estiment souvent les grands invisibles de la classe économique française, n’osaient l’espérer. À la faveur d’un remaniement censé donner une nouvelle inflexion au gouvernement, le nouveau Premier ministre Jean Castex a créé un ministère de la Mer et attribue le portefeuille à Annick Girardin, jusqu’à présent chargée des Outre-mer.  Périmètre et sort réservé aux administrations centrales derrière ce nouveau ministère restent inconnus à ce jour

À l’heure où l’annonce tombe, nul ne sait quelle sera l’étendue de ce ministère de la mer restauré dans son intégrité. Tant « la famille française de la mer » est vaste. Sans doute Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan, le président du Cluster maritime français, espère-t-il qu’il embrasse la

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Call for global system of safe corridors for ship crew change





Vinson Kurian  Thiruvananthapuram | Updated on August 24, 2020  Published on August 24, 2020



Issue allowed to morph into a humanitarian crisis: Capt Rajesh Unni

International shipping accounts for around 90 per cent of world trade, according to latest figures from the International Chamber of Shipping. This means we all rely on shipping to deliver the goods and products on which we depend – from energy to food to manufactured goods to cement. Maritime transport is the engine of globalisation.

Seafarers, therefore, are absolutely critical to modern life in this globalised world, says Capt Rajesh Unni, Founder and CEO, Synergy Marine Group, one of the world’s leading shipmanagers whose diverse fleet of more than 300 vessels includes some of the industry’s most sophisticated vessels.

It is a hard

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Buque ecuatoriano con 15 tripulantes no puede zarpar hace un año desde Talcahuano




 Viernes, 3 de Julio de 2020 a las 13:56hrs. 

Autor: Cooperativa.cl

Líos judiciales mantienen con arraigo al buque carguero Manantial.

La Dirección del Trabajo constató falta de alimentos, agua y abandono al no recibir remuneraciones.

 Recuerda nuestra campaña "Todos podemos hacer más", si tienes una iniciativa solidaria que quieras comunicar, llámanos al 223648003 o visita nuestro sitio si quieres hacer tu aporte

 Cristofer Espinoza, Cooperativa Regiones.

El buque ecuatoriano Manantial lleva un año en costas chilenas sin poder zarpar.

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