Viking Supply Ships lays up three PSVs

Kari Reinikainen

24 September 2015

A weak market has forced Viking Supply Ships, a listed Gothenburg-based offshore services vessel operator, to lay up three platform supply vessels.

A company statement said that due to a continuing weak PSV market it had decided to lay up the vessels Idun Viking, Frigg Viking, and Nanna Viking.

The three vessels were built between 2002 and 2006 and have an engine output of about 5,500 bhp. In all, Viking has five PSVs and eight anchor handling tug supply vessels, two of which are open at the moment, according to the company's website.

Regarding the three lay-ups, Viking said, "The vessel crews are provided by an external ship manager and the decision will consequently not have any impact for crew

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COSCO orders 11 mega box ships for $1.5Bn


10 September 2015
This is the largest single order for container ships Chinese yards have ever received. Photo: PA



China's largest shipping company, COSCO, on 9 September placed an order for 11 19,000 teu container ships at four domestic shipyards.

This is the largest single order for container ships Chinese yards have ever received.

COSCO's listed branch China COSCO stated in its filling to the Shanghai Stock Exchange on 9 September that it has ordered two container ships at Dalian COSCO Khi Ship Engineering (DACKS) for USD270.6 million, four at Nantong COSCO Khi Ship Engineering (NACKS) for USD541.2 million, three at CSSC Shipbuilding for USD418.5 million, and two at CSIC Shipbuilding for USD279 million.

The new ships are expected to improve the shipping capacity of COSCO's container ship fleet, stated the company.

The vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2018.

Agustín Oleaga, nuevo presidente no ejecutivo de DHL Supply Chain Iberia




                    Agustín Oleaga.// FOTO: DHL Supply Chain Iberia.
DHL ha nombrado a Agustín Oleaga nuevo presidente no ejecutivo de DHL Supply Chain Iberia. Entre sus nuevas responsabilidades, Oleaga representará a la firma en foros, talleres y conferencias, así como en la relación con otras firmas e instituciones.

Hasta su reciente nombramiento, Oleaga ocupaba la dirección general de DHL Supply Chain en Portugal. Capitán de la Marina Mercante por la Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica y Máquinas Navales de Bilbao, entre otros cargos, ha sido director comercial de Serralta (Grupo Ocean) y, posteriormente, director general de Exel Global Forwarding, que fue adquirida por DHL en 2005.

En este sentido, el director general de DHL Supply Chain Iberia, Roberto Pascual, ha declarado que Agustín Oleaga «es la persona idónea para la representatividad y saber hacer que este nuevo cargo necesita».




Germany to Reintroduce Border Controls With Austria, Minister Says





September 14, 2015 By Alex Crown


Germany is a preferred destination for many people fleeing Syria’s civil war and other troubled nations in the migration crisis that has bitterly divided Europe. The Czech Republic said separately that it would boost controls on its border with Austria.

Other measures meant to handle the migrant crisis proposed by Politics Can Be Different include extra funding to hire 3,000 police officers, building more refugee camps and well as providing information to migrants in their native language. Interpreter Ali Kashfi gives information to arriving refugees at the train station in Uelzen, northern Germany Sunday September 13, 2015.

Most asylum seekers are refusing to stay in the poorer southern European countries where they arrive, such as Greece, and are instead making their way to Germany or Sweden where theyanticipate a

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End in Sight for New Suez Canal






By MarEx 2015-06-15 15:36:27

The New Suez Canal is entering its final stage and is set to begin operations in August, according to statements over the weekend from the Suez Canal Authority.

The $8 billion canal expansion, intended expand trade between Europe and Asia, is on track to begin operations August 6.

"The digging and dredging works will conclude on July 15. The opening of the New Suez Canal will be on Aug. 6, according to the orders of the Egyptian people and the Egyptian president," Mohab Mameesh, chairman and managing director of the Suez Canal Authority, told a news conference in Ismailia.

"Once President al-Sisi orders the start of navigation on Aug. 6, ships will be able to go through

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