Clasificación de buques civiles y militares en 1921


AÑO 1921


Buques de guerra y mercantes de la Marina Española

La clasificación de los buques mercantes que figuran en esta lista está hecha por las respectivas Comandancias de Marina; pero la circunstancia de ser algunos nombres peculiares de ciertas regiones, y la muy especial de que esta publicación pueda usarse por personas poco conocedoras del tecnicismo marítimo, obligan a esta Dirección a definir brevemente, y por orden alfabético, todas las embarcaciones citadas en esta lista.

BALANDRA.- Embarcación de cubierta que tiene un palo solo con una vela cangreja y un foque.

BERGANTIN.- Embarcación de dos palos (mayor y trinquete) con su bauprés, velas cuadras, estays, foques, etc.

BERGANTIN-BARCA.- En algunos puntos, el bergantín que lleva un tercer

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Last month traffic of goods handled by Chinese ports grew by + 7.0%







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 Last month the Chinese ports handled a total of 1.0 billion tonnes of cargo, an increase of + 6.6% about October 2015. The only sea ports have totaled a traffic of 681.2 million tonnes (+7 , 0%) while domestic ports handled 327.2 million tonnes (+ 5.8%).

The main ports for traffic volume were Ningbo-Zhoushan with 76.6 million tons (+ 9.8%), Shanghai with 54.5 million tons (+ 2.8%), with 47.0 million Tianjin tonnes (+ 3.8%), Tangshan with 45.8 million tons (+ 13.4%), Guangzhou with 45.3 million tons (+ 13.3%) and Qingdao with 41.8 million tons (+ 4.8%).

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The Donald Trump Shipping Stock Boom

Euroseas is a tiny Greek shipping company with a fleet of 12 vessels and a penny stock traded on Nasdaq. On Tuesday, Euroseas’ shares rose by 100%. Since Donald Trump was elected president, Euroseas’ stock has nearly quadrupled. Seanergy Maritime, another small dry bulk shipping company that moves grain and coal, saw its shares soar by 75% on Tuesday. Shares of DryShips, a Greek shipping company that recently looked like it could be headed for bankruptcy, have climbed by 1,400% since Election Day.

President-Elect Trump’s initial impact on financial markets has been seismic, steepening the yield curve, sending copper prices soaring and sparking a broad stock rally in most sectors outside of technology. But one of the most bewildering and out-sized moves has been in

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FTA – ESC joins GSF to tackle consolidation in global container shipping




FTA – Representatives of exporters and importers from around the world have joined forces to advance and protect their members’ interests in the face of unprecedented change in the global container shipping industry.

The European Shippers Council has joined the Global Shippers Forum to promote the findings of new research and analysis commissioned by GSF into the impacts of new ‘alliances’ being formed by container shipping lines and the growing use of so-called mega-ships (those with more than 18,000 teu capacity).

Shippers fear that the contraction of the shipping market into a very small number of tightly knit alliances, and the use of much larger vessels will reduce their choice of carrier and the quality of the services delivered as ca­rriers operating

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Stormy Seas Ahead For Shippers Following Hanjin’s Bankruptcy




iBy Michael McDonald - Sep 16, 2016, 5:25 PM





The Hanjin Shipping Company bankruptcy is starting to have ripple effects for others in this transportation sector. Hanjin is in competition with dry bulk carriers such as Safe Bulkers, Inc. (SB), Diana Shipping Inc. (DSX), and Scorpio Bulkers Inc. (SALT) who all lease cargo containers like that of Hanjin. Those competitors along with container leasing firms like Textainer (TGH) are all going to see major business impacts from Hanjin’s collapse.

The shipping sector is likely to see both short-term disruption push prices higher, while in the longer term the fight for Hanjin’s previous customers could erode pricing discipline. For firms like Textainer that rely on strength in container pricing, the bankruptcy can only be interpreted as

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