La opacidad en la venta de armas y el elevado gasto de Defensa, focos del movimiento antimilitarista


Este jueves han concluido las jornadas organizadas por el centro de interpretación de la paz Gernika Gogoratuz. A través de distintas ponencias se han detallado los principales objetivos de las campañas contra las guerras y el comercio militar.


Imagen de archivo de una acción desarrollada por Greenpeace en el puerto de Bilbao para protestar contra los “barcos de la muerte” saudíes.  GREENPEACE


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Un negocio sobre el que reina el hermetismo. Una industria en crecimiento. Unos cuantos millones de euros

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Environment The integration of maritime transport in the logistics chain Safety, human element and traffic management



I am proud to present the Detailed Implementation Plan for Motorways of the Sea.

It is my first work programme outlining the vision for future of Motorways of the Sea (MoS) concept as part of the maritime dimension of the Trans-European Transport Network.

Maritime transport contributes to international trade. Improving transport connectivity within the EU and with the neighbouring countries is a major EU transport policy goal, and removal of cross-border bottlenecks and missing links is a main priority in that context.

Motorways of the Sea aim at green, viable and efficient

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The Ugly Side of Life on Ship – True Story

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Last Updated on October 9, 2019


Let’s face it! Working on ship is not only tough physically but mentally as well. Dealing continuously with conflicting opinions, racing nerves, and altering egos, a mariner fortunately or unfortunately falls prey to a system, wherein molding according to a situation becomes imperative. Unlike in other fields, professional politics on ship can sometimes take a form too ugly to fathom.

Vikram Dileepan, a 4th engineer working with a reputed shipping company, narrates an incident which changed his point of view not only on certain aspects of the shipping world but also on the complexity of life we live.



Representation Image – Photograph by Delimajunel


Note: Any reference or description relating to anyone living or dead

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Scrap prices could break $400, says GMS





Photo: Studio Fasching
Mainstream ship recycling yards on the Indian subcontinent have hiked their prices during the first two weeks of November, and there are signs that the $400 per light displacement ton (ldt) watershed could soon be breached.

Paul Bartlett | Nov 17, 2020


According to a market report from GMS, the world’s largest buyer of ships for recycling, indicative prices for containerships in Pakistan are now around $380 per ldt, with India ten dollars behind, and Bangladesh a further ten.

The same differentials apply for bulk vessel prices, according to GMS. Pakistani breakers are now typically paying around $370 for tankers and $360 for bulk carriers. 

The company notes that the European Commission’s most recent tally of approved recycling

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Life On Board a Merchant Ship






Experiencing the high seas, vast horizons, changing tides and the visual delights of maritime flora and fauna may appear fascinating to a travel enthusiast or a layman. However, when the same experience becomes part of daily life, the picture is not as rosy as it sounds.

The life of a seafarer or a member of a merchant vessel’s crew, is extremely challenging. While their job enables the movement of thousands of tonnes of essential commodities across the globe, round the clock, it comes at a cost. When on duty, seafarers have to be alert for a minimum of 15 hours a day (in most cases), which takes a toll on their health.

There are approximately 1.2 million men and

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