EU Bankrolls First European LNG-Powered Hopper Barge




Bankrolls First European LNG-Powered Hopper Barge


The EU’s TEN-T Programme will co-finance with over €1.5 million the construction of the first in Europe hopper barge powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The LNG fuel could help reduce air pollution caused by barge transport services.

Hopper barges carrying sand dredged from ports are most often using conventional, more polluting fuel than accepted by the European regulation for future shipping services (2050 onwards).

This project is addressing the European requirements to reduce maritime transport emissions by constructing an LNG-powered hopper barge in the ports of Bremerhaven and Bremen in Germany, the EU Commission said in a release.

The pilot project features the technical design of the new barge, granting permissions to operate in

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OSK-Ship Tech, GSI Ink Design




OSK-ShipTech, GSI Ink Design Deal Extension

Danish naval architect consultancy, OSK-ShipTech A/S and China’s Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) have signed a contract for continuation of design works in relation to the new RoPax ferry recently contracted between GSI and Sweden’s passenger shipping company,  Gotlandsbolaget.

The ferry will service the route between Nynäshamn and  Visby, Gotland, and, as described by the designer, will be “one of the world’s most powerful and fastest  ferries to be powered liquefied natural gas (LNG).”

The 200 meter long vessel will have a deadweight capacity of approximately 4,800 tonnes, room for about 1650 passengers and 1750 trailer lane meters.

“Despite the vessel having a 1200 ton larger displacement than Gotlandsbolaget’s existing two RoPax vessels, MS Visby and MS

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El Gobierno cambia el rumbo y abre la posibilidad de ayudar a la Motril-Melilla




El Gobierno cambia el rumbo y abre la posibilidad de ayudar a la Motril-Melilla

Motril seguirá peleando por mantener la línea marítima con Melilla. / JAVIER MARTÍN

  • Tras meses negando de forma rotunda el apoyo económico, la ministra se compromete a buscar alternativas para la continuidad del ferry

 El ‘no’ fue tan rotundo que a la alcaldesa motrileña, Luisa García Chamorro, se le agrió el recorrido por el tramo de la A-7 que avanza entre La Gorgoracha y Puntalón. La pregunta la formuló este periódico (en una visita a finales de octubre) y una tajante ministra de Fomento contestó diciendo –con un lenguaje enrevesado– que no se ayudaría económicamente a la línea entre Motril y Melilla porque no

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Car Carriers to Make Up for the Shortfall?





The capacity growth in the Pure Car Carrier (PCC) sector for the next few years looks fairly moderate with the orderbook standing at 11% of the fleet, judging by Clarksons’ recent market review. 

Namely, trade is provisionally projected to grow by 5% in 2015, making up for some of the shortfall this year.

However, according to Clarksons, the bigger question is “whether we can expect trade growth to maintain the robust levels seen historically in the longer term.”

The PCC fleet has responded eagerly to the challenge of growing seaborne volumes of cars. The fleet has grown from an overall capacity of 1.35m vehicles at end 1996 to 3.76m vehicles today, total expansion of 175%.

Today, there are

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Greek stability amidst shifting energy trades




Greek stability amidst shifting energy trades

Photo: Capital Link
By from New York

SeatradeGlobal 5.12.2014

From being a country in crisis Greece is bouncing back with its strong shipping sector and an increasingly important position in the energy trades.

Capital Link’s well-attended “Invest

in Greece” forum, held at New York’s Metropolitan Club, explored the shipping business from fresh angles not always apparent at maritime gatherings.


Much of the conference was devoted to capital markets and banking- where Greece’s situation has improved drastically over the past three years. Asimakis Papageorgiou, the Deputy Minister for Environment, Energy & Climate Change, talked big picture but alluded to Greece’s strategy of becoming a hub for LNG cargoes moving into southern Europe. An LNG import terminal

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