Michelin signs on with French transatlantic sail operator




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Michelin has signed a transport commitment with French start-up Neoline to transport 50% of its tires on a pilot line from Halifax in Canada to Saint-Nazaire in France by 2023.

The tire manufacturer described the decision to sign with the cargo sailing start-up as a test initiative to help decarbonise Michelin’s logistics operations.

Neoline’s shipping service relies on wind energy as the main propulsion for its 136 m long cargo ships with 4,200 sq m of sails which it claims will reduce by 90% the CO2 emissions related to transatlantic maritime freight transport.

Neoline plans to open its transatlantic line with a first operating vessel in 2023. A second vessel is scheduled to deliver a year later from a

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Future Trends in Commercial Shipping






Future Trends in Commercial Shipping

The world is changing rapidly, as is the shipping industry. There is an increased focus on boosting the green image of shipping, as well as improving efficiency through emerging technologies. The commercial shipping industry has constantly been evolving with a lot of pushes for innovations. Even the past few years have been particularly interesting.

Trends such as environmental protection and globalization have changed the landscape of the industry and will continue to influence it for the foreseeable future. These changes are making the commercial shipping industry a lot more exciting

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El Canal de Panamá estableció un nuevo récord mensual de tránsitos y tonelaje de buques de GNL en enero, como resultado del reciente aumento en el mercado energético.




LNG industry

En enero, un total de 58 buques de GNL transitaron por las Esclusas Neopanamax, por un total de 6,74 millones de toneladas del Canal de Panamá (PC / SUAB). Los récords mensuales anteriores se establecieron en enero de 2020 con 54 tránsitos y en noviembre de 2020 con 6,23 millones de PC / SUAB.

“Estos logros reafirman la capacidad del Canal para adaptarse y garantizar nuestra competitividad y confiabilidad para capturar las oportunidades que presentan los cambios del mercado, incluido el segmento de GNL”, dijo el Administrador del Canal de Panamá, Ricaurte Vásquez Morales. “Durante más de un siglo, el Canal de Panamá ha demostrado su capacidad de respuesta a los cambios del comercio mundial, y lo que el mundo ha

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Stena Line in project to put electric ship on the water before 2030






Swedish ferry operator Stena Line plans to start operating two fossil-free battery powered vessels on the route between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn in Denmark no later than 2030.


In an effort to speed up the transition to fossil-free fuels in the transport sector, Stena Line together with Volvo Group, Scania and the Port of Gothenburg have joined forces in the Tranzero Initiative collaboration project to bring about a significant reduction in carbon emissions linked to the largest port in the Scandinavia. The aim is to cut emissions by 70 per cent by 2030 in the Port of Gothenburg.

Unveiling the Tranzero Initiative last week, Stena Line CEO

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Samsung Heavy Banks On ‘Crewless’ Ships To Capsize Chinese Rivals





20 Jan 2021 

Samsung Heavy Industries is racing to bring crewless, autonomous ships to market next year in a bid to end years of losses suffered in a relentless price war with Chinese rivals.

The company has made strides toward that goal in recent months. In October, a 38-meter vessel featuring Samsung Heavy’s autonomous sailing system successfully completed a trial at sea, traveling about 10 km one way. The ship was not steered by anyone aboad and was only monitored by a control center 250 km away.

The race to develop “smart” vessels is heating up amid an industry shake-up. Companies in Japan, China and South Korea are responsible for 90% of shipbuilding in the world, but the cutthroat competition has undermined leading

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