Crewless cargo: the world’s first autonomous electric cargo ship

February 24, 2022

updated 09 Feb 2022 12:54pm

The world’s first fully electric, completely autonomous cargo ship has successfully completed its maiden voyage.

By Frankie Youd


The world’s first fully electric, completely autonomous cargo ship has successfully completed its maiden voyage in Norway. Credit: Yara International.

The world’s first fully electric, completely autonomous cargo ship has successfully completed its maiden voyage in Norway, but fear not, it’s a far cry from the dramatic movie depictions of ‘ghost ships’. Frankie Youd profiles the vessel and highlights the benefits of this new technology.


The shipping industry has been pioneering new technology, ship design, and fuel types to set sail towards a greener future for shipping. Now, Norwegian chemical company Yara, has gone one step

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With the threat of international conflict, we must preserve America's sea bridge


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Another European ground war

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Class Societies Approve China’s First Design for Methanol-Fuel VLCC



China completed a design for a methanol-fueled VLCC tanker (COSCO)

PUBLISHED FEB 18, 2022 2:38 PM BY 





Expanding on their previous design for an LNG-powered supertanker, China’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) and COSCO Shipping Energy have developed designs for China’s first domestic methanol dual-fuel VLCC. Working to meet the growing global demand for carbon-free fuel options, the companies report that their crude oil tanker design has obtained two Approval in Principle certificates in independent reviews working with DNV and China Classification Society (CCS).

According to the companies, this ship is a low-carbon/zero-carbon alternative jointly developed in response to the trend for low-carbon shipping seeking to leverage the relative high maturity in technological development and

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Por qué nadie quiere trabajar en los barcos: turnos extenuantes y escaso control de la flota





El Ministerio de Trabajo incluyó en un catálogo de puestos de trabajo los de "difícil cobertura". El secretario general de trabajo del sector mar y puertos explica por qué.

21 febrero, 2022 02:38


  1.  ESPAÑA 



José Manuel Montes

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Según la Biblia, Yahveh confundió a los descendientes de Noé para promover que abandonaran la edificación donde se habían instalado tras el diluvio. De un solo idioma pasaron a diferentes lenguas en la Torre de Babel. Ismael Furió la nombra cuando piensa en la situación actual de la tripulación marítima.

Furió es

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Thordon Bearings Introduces New Water Lubricated Shaft Seal




The Maritime Executive

Safe Return to Port Benefit

Thordon Bearings' new BlueWater Seal




Thordon Bearings has unveiled the BlueWater Seal, a new propeller shaft seal with a unique Safe Return to Port (SRTP) design that specifically meets commercial shipping industry needs for a low maintenance and robust shaft seal. The Thordon BlueWater Seal completes the COMPAC open seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing system.

Taking the company’s TG100 and SeaThigor seal products as the technical benchmark, the Thordon BlueWater Seal is a cost effective, commercial grade axial lip seal specifically designed for merchant shipping fleets.

While retaining many of the key features associated with the company’s existing seal portfolio, the new, more commercially focused BlueWater Seal

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