Seafarers in the UK Shipping Industry: 2019

Statistical Release 11 December 2019

An estimated 22,440 UK seafarers were active at sea in 2019, with overall numbers being broadly stable in recent years.

► Around half of the total active at seafarers were ofcers (10,320 certifcated and 1,310 uncertifcated) with a further 1,670 ofcer cadets in training during the fnancial year 2018/19.

► There has been an overall downward trend in the number of UK seafarers over the past 15 years. However, between 2012 and 2019 numbers have been broadly stable with the exception of 2018.

► The exception to the stable trend is a 23% increase in ratings between 2017 and 2018, followed by an equivalent drop in 2019. This is largely explained by a change in the coverage of the data

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The World Merchant Fleet in 2018 Statistics from Equasis




11.Themes and Tables


This report provides a picture of the world’s merchant fleet in 2018, derived from data contained in the Equasis database. It examines the structure and characteristics of the fleet and its performance.

The statistics are grouped into themes which could be of interest to the industry and regulators. The themes are as follows:

1. The Merchant Fleet Population

2. Classification Societies

3. P&I

4. Port State Control

5. Vetting Programmes and Trade Associations OVERVIEW Equasis is populated with data from most of the world’s merchant ships. Basic ship particulars are derived from the commercial database of IHS Markit Maritime & Trade. From a commercial and regulatory point of view, size and type of ship

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Buques de comercio a vela

Marflet firma construcción en Zagrev




Croatian shipyard 3. Maj signs deal to complete ship for Spanish client

(Photo credit: 3. Maj)

ZAGREB, March 25 (Hina) – The 3. Maj shipyard has signed an agreement for the completion of an oil tanker ship for the Spanish Marflet Marine company, the dock’s management informed on Wednesday.


The agreement for the completion of the ship was signed on 23 March by the 3. Maj shipyard and the Forzina Shipping Company Limited from Cyprus which is owned by the Marflet Marine company.

The ship is expected to be delivered by 15 July 2021, the dock says.

Chairman of the shipyard’s steering committee, Juraj Soljic told Hina that this was the tanker that was hauled in from the Pula-based Uljanik shipyard which has since

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Vox pasa página a la etapa de Jesús Delgado tras su cese y nombra una gestora encabezada por Tasende

Melilla hoy

Además, han sido designados como vicepresidente Rafael Ginel Pascual; secretaria Yurena Beltrán González y vocales Rafael Ángel Monserrat y Fernando Lamas Moreno. Tasende, gallego de nacimiento, es capitán marítimo en Melilla y fue candidato al Senado a las elecciones generales de abril de 2019

Jueves 06 de febrero de 202004:15h
La etapa de Jesús Delgado Aboy en Vox es ya historia tras su cese. La Comisión Ejecutiva Nacional del partido que preside Santiago Abascal, según ha podido saber el periódico MELILLA HOY, ha decidido nombrar nuevo presidente de la Comisión Gestora de Vox Melilla a José Miguel Tasende Souto, que fue candidato al Senado a las elecciones generales del 28 de abril, donde logró algo más de 5.500 votos, lejos de los 8.732 votos que obtuvo

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