Maersk: Ship Recycling Policy Not Changed with Alang Move




Danish shipping giant Maersk Group has not lowered its standard or changed its responsible ship recycling policy after the engagement in Alang, India, the company said responding to reports that beaching is “undermining its credibility as a responsible ship operator.”

“The development in recent years in Alang have seen a number of certified yards capable of recycling to our standards. In our view, it is essential to support this development – and we do that most effectively by bringing our ships to be recycled responsibly in Alang,” Maersk Group, Head of Group Sustainability Annette Stube, told World Maritime News.

She added that the company considers the engagement in Alang as “an opportunity to change the industry for the better.”

Namely, Maersk earlier announced its plans to create more responsible recycling options in Alang.

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Naviera del Odiel operrá un ferry en el Caribe.

Su base en Cota Rica será Puerto Caldera, y  en  El Salvador, Puerto La Unión.

Se espera que este nuevo servicio represente una gran ventaja para las comunicaciones en aquella zona.

El barco previsto tiene una capacidad de carga de 100n furgones y la duración del trayecto será de unas 16 horas.



Baleària podrá operar entre EEUU y Cuba pero todavía no tiene permiso para transportar turistas


La naviera valenciana asegura que espera conseguir en las próximas semanas la licencia que regula el transporte de pasajeros, para el que prepara dos líneas que conecten ambos países

VALENCIA (EFE/VP). Baleària obtiene la primera licencia necesaria para operar entre Estados Unidos y Cuba, licencia que otorga el 'Bureau of Industry and Security' y que permite la entrada y salida de barcos hacia y desde Cuba, aunque no el transporte de pasajeros con fines turísticos. Sin embargo, la naviera española espera que en las próximas semanas el Gobierno de Estados Unidos le otorgue también la licencia OFAC, que sí regula el transporte de pasajeros, informó la naviera.

Con estas dos licencias, Baleària dispondrá de todos los permisos necesarios por parte de las autoridades

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Why Greece's ships could sink its tax plan



Holly Ellyatt | @HollyEllyatt

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2015 | 7:39 AM

Is the Greek shipping industry evading tax? Tony Foster, CEO of Marine Capital, says the country&#039;s shipping industry is one of the worst offenders of tax evasion. </p>

Greece shouldn't look to its shipping industry to help raise the tax revenues it desperately needs to secure a bailout deal, an industry expert has warned.


Tony Foster, chief executive of Marine Capital, a fund management firm that oversees investments in the global shipping business, told CNBC that the chances of the Greek government getting more tax revenues out of the shipping industry were "absolutely nil."


After a Greek referendum on Sunday in which the majority of Greeks voted against more austerity measures,

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Greece.- The drive for "national unity"





Negotiations between European officials and the Greek government led by the radical left party SYRIZA remain deadlocked as the European Union (EU) continues to apply maximum pressure on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to capitulate completely on the anti-austerity program SYRIZA proposed in the campaign for elections on January 25.

In February, less than a month after taking office Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis agreed to an extension of the bailout of the Greek financial system negotiated by previous governments and promised to carry out austerity measures that SYRIZA had promised to reverse. But this wasn't good enough for the EU--it has continued to starve Greece of funds, even money it owes to the country, in order to extract still

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