La Naval de Sestao cierra el contrato de un ferry para la naviera holandesa TESO

El astillero vasco construirá un buque de 135 metros de eslora con propulsión mixta gas-diésel para 1.750 pasajeros

Xabier Aja- Viernes, 9 de Mayo de 2014 - Actualizado a las 05:54h

Diseño del nuevo barco, el 'Texelstroom', un ferry simétrico con dos puentes de mando que construirá La Naval de Sestao en dos años. (Deia)

BILBAO - El astillero vasco de La Naval-CNN ha empezado a ver la luz tras cerrar el contrato para construir un buque para el armador holandés TESO. El nuevo buque asegura carga de trabajo para las instalaciones del astillero de Sestao durante dos años pues supone, según fuentes de la empresa, la realización de unas 600.000 horas

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Flags of Convenience

Flags of Convenience


Shipowners have almost unlimited freedom to choose the way in which they operate their vessels - including the choice of flag. Cheap registration fees, low or no taxes, relaxed operational requirements and freedom to employ cheap labour are among the reasons why many shipowners choose not to register in their own countries or under traditional flags.

However, a Flag of Convenience (FoC) ship is not simply one that flies the flag of a country other than that of its owner's home country. When declaring a register as a FoC, the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) will assess a number of factors, including a flag state's ability and willingness to enforce international minimum social standards on its vessels, and the safety and environmental

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Norwegians Make A Difference

For more than four decades, Norwegian Cruise Line has committed to the protection of the oceans through sustainable environmental practices, investments in technology and a commitment to exceed regulatory requirements, fulfilling its core company value of Environmental Protection.  On this Earth Day, Norwegian celebrates key achievements from the past year that, as a part of the company’s Eco-Smart Cruising program, help preserve the world’s oceans. 

With Eco-Smart Cruising, the company is leading the cruise industry with many innovative environmental policies and technologies—from garbage, waste and recycling programs to reducing the operational impact on the environment. In 2013 alone, Norwegian achieved the following earth-saving milestones:

Recycled 1,254 tons of cardboard, saving 23,540 mature trees. This represents enough saved timber resources to produce more than 292

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A Partial Solution to the Problems of a Filthy and Dangerous Freighter


Arrest Postponed as ITF Steps in to Assist Crew

UK – Further to our recent story regarding the stranded crew of the MV Munzur, the Panamanian flagged, Turkish owned freighter which has been detained by the UK authorities over health and safety matters, comes some good news thanks to the efforts of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) who had threatened the ship with arrest if the owners failed to pay outstanding wages.  

An ITF statement says it is ‘able to report progress in the case of the filthy and unsafe vessel Munzur, which is detained in Fowey in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Following the passing of a deadline for action by the owners to pay and repatriate its crew, the company has now agreed to pay all

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Imabari Shipbuilding carriers for Spain


28 Apr 2014

Imabari will build the two new LNG carriers at its Saijo yard in 2017

Japan’s Imabari Shipbuilding Co Ltd is to build two LNG carriers at its Saijo yard for Spanish shipping company, Elcano.

The new LNG vessels will increase Elcano’s capacity from 154,000m³ to 178,000m³ with GTT’s MarkIII Flex, which will reduce the boil-off rate (BOR) from 0.15% to 0.1%, while its re-liquefaction system will ensure the vessels’ “operational flexibility”.

In addition to the twin engines, twin propeller and twin rudders, the vessels will feature an optimised hull shape and MAN ME-GI engine with the high efficient gas supply system, which improves fuel consumption performance for

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