LNG Tankers Sit Idle as Gas Crisis Intensifies





By Henning Gloystein & Oleg Vukmanovic on 06:05 pm Feb 13, 2015

A tanker holding A tanker holding liquefied natural gas leaves a berth as holidaymakers fish on a pier in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, in this June 20, 2009 file photo. The Philippines, one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, is expected to import more LNG. (Bloomberg Photo/Kimimasa Mayama)

Singapore/Milan. Over a dozen liquefied natural gas tankers are parked, many idle, in and around Singapore — one of the world’s biggest trading hubs for the fuel — in a sign that the slowdown engulfing world gas markets may be worsening into a crisis.

With Asian spot LNG prices down by almost two-thirds since February last year as slowing demand combines with rising output, shippers

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Make no mistake, the Fed is the biggest trader in the room








Make no mistake, the Fed is the biggest trader in the room

A fly on the wall at the Fed meetings

We’re observing the extent to which monetary policy is globally connected not just to other central banks, but also to specific markets like commodities and currency. If I were a fly on the wall at the latest FOMC meeting, I may have observed some concern for two very important components that the Fed isn’t really talking about publicly: the strength of the dollar and the effect of a rate increase on commodities—a double-edged sword slashing through the Fed’s inflation target of 2% “over the medium term.”

Why the concern? Dollar strength is a major component towards weakness in

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Petroecuador renta un buque para almacenar combustibles



El buque Odessa de la compañía griega Dynacon fue contratado en octubre del año pasado para almacenar. Foto cortesía
31 de January de 2015 20:08

Al costo de la rehabilitación de la Refinería de Esmeraldas se sumó un rubro adicional desde el pasado 25 de octubre del 2014. La petrolera estatal dedicada al transporte y refinación de petróleo pidió la contratación, a través de la Flota Petrolera Ecuatoriana (Flopec), de un buque tipo Suezmax con una capacidad cercana a un millón de barriles, con el nombre de Odessa.

Este buque pertenece a la empresa griega Dynacon y está fondeado frente al puerto de Balao desde el año pasado.

Mediante un correo electrónico,Flopec indicó a este Diario que el arrendamiento de este buque fue un requerimiento de Petroecuador, “en razón

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China steel recycling seen as growing threat to iron ore demand





BEIJING Fri Feb 6, 2015 3:19am EST


BEIJING Feb 6 (Reuters) - China's effort to raise the amount of steel it recycles is expected to have a growing impact on demand for the raw material iron ore, threatening to worsen a worldwide supply glut and putting further pressure on global suppliers.

China sourced 78.5 percent of its total iron ore needs from overseas last year, importing a record 933 million tonnes, but is now trying to make more use of vast amounts of steel buried in landfills or encased in concrete.

Analysts said it could start making an impact on the market as early as this year, as moves to improve collection rates start to kick in, and as much

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Is Malaga the new Barcelona?



By Adam Neale (Terra Meridiana) - PUBLISHED -

LAST UPDATED: 3 Feb, 2015 @ 23:05
INTERNATIONAL airport? Check. High-speed rail line? Check. Mediterranean lifestyle? Check. Sandy beaches? Check. Picasso museum? Check. Almost 1,000 kilometres apart, the two cities are closer than they seem.

In the (top) right-hand corner, Barcelona, Spain’s (apologies to those who want independence for Catalunya) capital of cool, home to Antoni Gaudi, Las Ramblas, and cava. And, ahem, at the bottom, Malaga, Spain’s capital of… hot, home to Antonio Banderas, Calle Larios, and pescaito frito. At first glance, they couldn’t be more different. But, when you take a closer look, Malaga bears a stronger resemblance to Barcelona than you might think.

Take that, Messi

Both have ports, Gothic cathedrals

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