Container lines are blanking very few sailings in the traditional slack season around Chinese New Year,

Container lines are blanking very few sailings in the traditional slack season around Chinese New Year, as they continue to try and cope with unprecedented demand and disruption caused by empty container shortages.

Marcus Hand | Jan 07, 2021


Analyst eeSea said that its Blank Sailings Tracker showed that 1.7% of head haul services on the three main east-west trades have been cancelled in February, which includes CNY, and in March this figure falls to 0.6%.

eeSea said that effective capacity in January 2021 on the main east-west head haul trades was up 7.6%, over the same period in 2020, when Covid-19 was only starting to make an impact on the Chinese market in the run-up to CNY.

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Shipping lines have complained that a new law proposed by India’s Shipping Ministry




Shipping lines have complained that a new law proposed by India’s Shipping Ministry that pushes for greater transparency on ocean pricing amounts to “government interference”.

Shirish Nadkarni | Dec 18, 2020


The new legislation – Merchant Shipping Bill (MSB) 2020 – is meant to replace existing policies that were enacted several decades ago under the Merchant Shipping Act (MSA) 1958. The MSA is set to be repealed.

The policymakers have set the stage for a regulatory framework to create greater transparency into ocean carrier pricing for export-import and domestic cargo transportation – an issue that has historically been complex and acrimonious.

“Every service provider or agent, in respect of any Indian ship or other ship

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Some scenarios for the South China Sea in 2021




Asia Times

War is unlikely – but possible
US Navy FONOPs (freedom of navigation operations) in the South China Sea irritate China. Photo: US Naval Institute

It’s that time again when US administrations change and a plethora of foreign-policy pundits post proposals and predictions for the incoming administration. This time around a prominent topic is US-China policy and – in particular – US policy regarding the burgeoning US-China confrontation in the South China Sea.

Here is a spectrum of scenarios for the South China Sea in 2021, ranging from the worst to the best – and including the most likely.

The worst but least likely scenario is war. China and the US are locked in a seminal long-term struggle for dominance in Asia and the

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Trasmediterránea se hace con la línea de servicio obligatorio con El Hierro




La naviera y Obras Públicas firman el contrato, por 6 millones y dos años, para operar entre los puertos de La Estaca y Los Cristianos

El consejero de Obras Públicas, Transportes y Vivienda del Gobierno de Canarias, Sebastián Franquis, firmó el contrato que adjudica a la naviera Trasmediterranea la prestación, como obligación de servicio público (OSP), de la línea marítima regular que enlaza el puerto de La Estaca, en El Hierro, con el de Los Cristianos, en el sur de Tenerife. Con este contrato se garantiza la conectividad naval de El Hierro con el resto de islas de la provincia occidental durante los próximos dos años.

La dotación económica de este servicio asciende a seis millones de euros por los

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Strengthening Agro-business Capitalism and Weakening Federalism

4 December by Pritam Singh


[India is currently rocked by farmer’s protest. Tens of thousands of farmers have surrounded India’s capital, New Delhi, where they intend to camp out for weeks to protest against the contentious new agricultural laws that could destroy their livelihoods. They fear that the laws would dismantle the Minimum Support Price system, leaving them at the hands of big agro-business which would eventually take over their lands and livelihood.-ed.]

The current Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government’s agrarian agenda of supporting entry of big agro-business corporations (especially those close to the ruling party) in Indian agriculture and weakening further the already weakened structure of federal devolution of economic and political power in India has been in the making but it came

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