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2017 was an interesting year for the global freight market. The growth of ecommerce sparked air freight capacity shortages on core trade lanes and drove air freight rates to record highs. The ocean market in 2017 was more stable, with greater predictability (fewer blank sailings), an early and flattened-out peak season, and price levels between 5% and 20% higher than in 2016. This was mostly driven by the unsustainable market in 2016 that led to Hanjin’s bankruptcy and massive consolidation. Further significant disruptions were caused by the Petya malware virus and storms like Hurricane Harvey, leading to delays, re-routings, and temporary capacity issues.

It’s January again, and many in the logistics community are making plans for the

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The dangers of Volatility in the Markets and Geopolitics





SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 AT 10:46 PM

 As predicted yesterday the market “improved” today following its midweek fall, an easy job to do being familiarised with volatility which enable us to foresee the asymmetrical behaviour of the indices. Geopolitics continue an erratic course. John Faraclas daily briefing:


The BDI gained 24 points and now read 1,361…


The Capers returned to a plus mode with the BCI up 14 points at 2,642…


Panamaxes did better and the BPI now stands at 1,499 – up 35 points.


The Supras were up too[ the BSI gained 27 points and now stands at 950 approaching the 1,000 point mark.

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 Changing the face of oil & gas in Southeast Asia


Andre Wheeler

On Saturday, 17 September 2016

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China is seeking more efficient ways to deliver oil and gas, bypassing the Malacca Strait. Photo: EPA 

There has been much commentary surrounding the development, conception, and now the roll out of the New Silk Road (One Belt One Road) by China. Much of this commentary has focused on whether it will happen and the commercial viability of such an audacious plan. 

In my view, it is already happening and what commentaries miss is that the scope of the New Silk Road extends beyond simply building infrastructure. It is a logistics and transportation network that focuses on those regions promising high economic growth with strategic resources,

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Industrial overcapacity to be further tackled in 2017


 Reuters 30.12.2016

Chinese state newspaper says capacity cuts in steel and coal will be increased, while campaign will be extended to sectors including cement, glass, electrolytic aluminium and shipping

China will increase its targets for capacity cuts in steel and coal in 2017, while extending its campaign against overcapacity to industries such as cement, glass, electrolytic aluminium and shipping, a state-run newspaper said on Friday.

China has vowed to restructure its vast industries to tackle inefficiency and cut capacity overhangs – early in 2016 it promised to cut around 500 million tonnes of coal capacity and 100-150 million tonnes of steel capacity in three to five years.

The world’s top producer and consumer of coal and steel will aim to raise the

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Mercado de fletes. Carga seca

El negocio naviero, el mercado de fletes, se encuentra, según destacados expertos, en la posición más angustiosa desde mediados de de los años 1980.

La contracción experimentada por la demanda de carga seca a granel por parte de China y la desaceleración experimentada por la economía a nivel mundial han provocado un grave desequilibrio en este segmento del mercado, en el que ya son evidentes las consecuencias del exceso de oferta de buques graneleros.

Las previsiones a corto y medio plazo son poco favorables.


Nueva Línea


WEC Lines inaugurará el próximo 10 de febrero una línea semanal que tendrá como base el puerto de Seaforth y conectará con puertos de la península ibérica, Norte de África y Canarias.


A partir del puerto de

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