The dangers of Volatility in the Markets and Geopolitics





SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 AT 10:46 PM

 As predicted yesterday the market “improved” today following its midweek fall, an easy job to do being familiarised with volatility which enable us to foresee the asymmetrical behaviour of the indices. Geopolitics continue an erratic course. John Faraclas daily briefing:


The BDI gained 24 points and now read 1,361…


The Capers returned to a plus mode with the BCI up 14 points at 2,642…


Panamaxes did better and the BPI now stands at 1,499 – up 35 points.


The Supras were up too[ the BSI gained 27 points and now stands at 950 approaching the 1,000 point mark.


The Handies BHSI was up nine points at 529 concluding a good day for all, but how certain can one be in the uncertain days ahead…


The Wets once again with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) ended trading at 732 points – up seven. The Cleans dropped 12 points and now stand at 548 points…


The WTI at US$ 49.72 remains safe below the US$50 mark.

No need to go into detail on Geopolitics; simply expect the unexpected… as North Korea fires another missile shaking the Japanese  and others in the region… Wonder what’s coming next…

Meantime a lot of fuss in Greece following a pollution in the Saronic Gulf off Piraeus and Athens’ Riviera coast from either the “Agia Zoni II”, a small tanker or the “Blue Star Patmos” who happened to have passed by in Perama on the same dates, following a decision by Hellenic Coast Guard so they verify which vessel is to blame. We will eagerly await the result and the  consequences, See relevant article from HELMEPA and see what you understand by commenting here.




From the morning debate with a special reference to Onassis – The Aristotle of Shipping in his own right… Picture credits Anna Kaparaki)

On another tone, the big debate conference of LISW 2017 took place this morning until late afternoon; under the title: Tomorrow’s Maritime World the conference attracted nearly a few hundreds – the rough estimation is 520 to 550 delegates and speakers from all over Planet Ocean. Indeed Shipping remains fundamental in moving trade, driving growth and prosperity globally. With developments in automation and other disruptive technologies signalling unprecedented change, the maritime world is facing a period of monumental transformation. The next 25 years will see changes for trade, changes for people and changes for business models. We will revert with a full account and pictures form this debate introduced by Jeremy Penn, chairman LISW steering committee, moderated by John Humphries, broadcaster journalist with two key note speakers, the Rt Hon Liam Fox MP Secretary of State for International Trade and Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Guests arriving at the Gala dinner – Picture credits Anna Kaparaki

In the evening the exceptional Galawith close to one thousand  present – 97 tables! Anna Kaparaki was there and we will revert with her full report!

Have a nice evening and enjoy the weekend; be on guard from any eventuality deriving from Pirates and Terrorists. The World is changing and we are going for sure through the dire straits of change… Caution!