CERAWeek: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve needs a makeover






Asad Zaidi / Bloomberg
The top 10 countries have 345 billion barrels of technically recoverable shale oil resources combined.


HOUSTON — The strategic petroleum reserve may be due for an update, a panel of midstream experts told IHS Energy CERAWeek attendees Tuesday afternoon.

The massive stockpile of crude oil — now holding just under 700 million barrels — was created in the 1970s to help buffer the U.S. from the effects of a sudden supply shortage.

But since the 1970s, the biggest risks to the oil markets have begun to shift away from the types of supply disruptions the SPR was intended to combat, said Sarah Ladislaw, an energy director at the the Center for Strategic

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Auxílio estatal: A Comissão autoriza o regime português de demonstração de tecnologias de energia dos oceanos








Bruxelas, 23 Abril 2015


A Comissão Europeia concluiu que um regime português destinado a promover as tecnologias de energias renováveis respeita as regras da UE em matéria de auxílios estatais. O regime irá apoiar projetos de demonstração da produção de energias renováveis a partir dos oceanos (energia das ondas, energia das marés) e tecnologias eólicas offshore inovadoras. A Comissão concluiu, em especial, que o projeto prosseguiria os objetivos da UE em termos de energia e ambiente sem provocar distorções indevidas da concorrência no mercado único.

A Comissária Margrethe Vestager, responsável pela política da concorrência, afirmou: « O desenvolvimento de novas tecnologias renováveis é fundamental para ajudar a Europa a cumprir os seus compromissos ambientais. O regime hoje aprovado é

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All About Propulsion






De Graaf Aandrijvingen, Machinefabriek De Waal and Eefting Energy are all involved in the technical world of marine propulsion. One supplies power transmission components, the other manufactures and installs propulsion systems and the third delivers efficiency monitoring systems.

A lot can be said about propulsion. You can talk about propulsion systems, different kind of rudders, main and auxiliary engines, fuel consumption and reduction and more. Marine propulsion is what makes the industry move ahead. Maritime Holland spoke with the three companies about marine propulsion, special projects and trends that can be spotted in the industry.

Big, bigger, biggest “We supply the mechanical power transmission components for the shipbuilding and offshore industry”, explains Eddo Cammeraat, managing director of De Graaf Power Aandrijvingen, their

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Europe to Lose LNG Supply to Egypt





By MarEx 2015-03-11 09:17:28

Europe is likely to attract fewer liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments than previously expected this summer as Egypt gears up to become the region's top-paying importer, traders said, potentially increasing gas prices in northwest Europe.

While analysts still expect more LNG to land in Europe this year than in 2014, forecasts will be tempered by increased competition with Egypt, signaling tighter supplies at a time when Dutch authorities move to limit production from Europe's biggest gas field. That may force gas prices higher in northwest Europe as utilities look to refill depleted inventories, analysts said.

A year-long demand slump in Asia, the world's biggest LNG market, has triggered a rush of sea-borne deliveries to typically overlooked European ports

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