Liquefied Natural Gas Studies Another North American Project


Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd. (LNG), the Australian company planning to build plants to liquefy gas in the U.S. and Canada, is considering a third project in North America to take advantage of increasing demand.

Starting next month, the Perth-based company will look at options to “unlock further value,” including trading on a second stock exchange, Managing Director Maurice Brand said today by phone. Liquefied Natural, which has climbed almost 15-fold in Sydney trading this year, is preparing to open an office and hire two or three executives in Houston, he said.

Liquefied Natural has attracted investors including Boston-based Baupost Group LLC as it moves ahead with plans to develop the Magnolia LNG project in Louisiana. The

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Tokyo Gas and Kogas Join Forces in Effort to Tamp Down LNG Costs


By Jacob Adelman and Emi UrabeSep 25, 2014 9:51 AM GMT+0200


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Tokyo Gas Co. is teaming up withKorea Gas Corp. (036460)on gas imports, as the Japanese company seeks to drive down prices of what has become the nation’s dominant energy source since the 2011 Fukushima disaster.


The companies will begin discussions on supplying each other with liquefied natural gas, cooperating on procurement of the fuel and jointly investing in upstream projects, Satoshi Tanazawa, general manager for the energy resources planning section of Tokyo Gas, told reporters today.

The agreement aims to erode

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Japan, South Korea and Spain account for 53 percent of Nigeria LNG export

Bussines day

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Japan, South Korea and Spain accounted for 53 percent of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) exported in 2013 as shown    by                     International Gas Union (IGU) report, which was made public recently.

Nigeria exported a total of 16.89 million tonnes of LNG from six trains of projects in 2013 about 15 percent less than 19.95 million tonnes recorded in 2012.

Three countries-Japan, South Korea and Spain cumulatively had a total of 8.97 million tonnes of LNG from Nigeria, 53 percent of the Nigeria total LNG export in 2013. Japan had the top spot with total of 3.82 million tonnes of LNG exported by Nigeria. The

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Regional price spreads: predicting the future of LNG


By J Robinson | August 26, 2014 12:01 AM

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami devastated a large portion of Japan’s eastern coastline killing nearly 16,000 people and causing infrastructure damage estimated at more than $225 billion. The consequent nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Power Plant ultimately resulted in the closure of all of Japan’s nearly 50 nuclear reactors.

In a move to compensate for lost electric generation capacity, Japanese imports of LNG jumped nearly 23% to 86.7 million mt during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, up from imports that totaled 70.6 million mt during the fiscal year just prior to the disaster.

The precipitous jump in demand for LNG from post-Fukushima Japan changed the global gas market irrevocably.

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La marcha por el clima no se detiene

Democracy Now!

“Existen leyes injustas”, escribió Henry David Thoreau en su ensayo de 1849 titulado “Del deber de la desobediencia civil”. Thoreau, un pacifista y naturalista, se preguntaba en su obra: “¿Nos contentaremos con obedecerlas, trataremos de enmendarlas y las obedecemos hasta que lo hayamos conseguido o las transgrediremos desde un comienzo?”. Su respuesta fue simple: “Transgredan la ley”.

Eso es precisamente lo que hicieron Ken Ward Jr. y Jay O’Hara 164 años más tarde, el 15 de mayo de 2013. Navegaron en un pequeño barco pesquero llamado “Henry David T.” hasta un lugar de la costa de Massachusetts, cerca de la planta Brayton Point, una enorme central eléctrica de carbón construida en 1963 que es la mayor fuente

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