Finland's Meriaura Aims to Cut Fuel Consumption By Almost 50%





Friday February 6, 2015

Royal Bowedes will build the ships for Meriaura

Finnish logistics company Meriaura Group has announced it aims to reduce bunker consumption by almost half with two newbuild coastal dry cargo vessels.

The ships will feature advanced hull design and optimised machinery to achieve the bunker savings.

Dutch shipbuilder Royal Bowedes will construct the 4,700 deadweight tonne vessels, with the first scheduled for delivery in July 2016.

The Ice Class 1A vessels will steam at 10.5 knots in open water, driven by a dual-fuel engine capable of running on biofuel as well as marine gasoil (MGO).

Our goal is that in five years' time at least 50% of our fleet consists

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ANALYSIS-Eastern Canadian LNG export plans face supply quandary







By Dave Sherwood

PORTLAND, Maine Wed Feb 4, 2015 6:00am GMT


Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd
Repsol SA

PORTLAND, Maine Feb 4 (Reuters) - Eastern Canada has joined a race to export North America's vast natural gas riches to energy-hungry markets overseas, with four projects betting the far-flung Atlantic provinces will be the easiest route to Europe and India.

But firms behind those proposals, such as Spanish oil giant Repsol and Australia's Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd have one major hurdle to clear: huge investments are needed to expand regional pipeline capacity to feed them, and it is unclear who will pay.


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Crude Oil Price Ten Year Forecast to 2025: Importers Set to Receive a $600 Billion Refund


 Commodities / Crude Oil Jan 10, 2015 - 04:19 PM GMT

By: Andrew_Butter

This is an update on a long-term oil price forecasting model developed in early 2008 first posted in April 2009 as “The Impending Mother of All Oil Shocks” which was updated in December 2010 and posted as “Crude Oil Price Ten Year Forecast to 2020”.



Reference the current drama, in 2011 the model said:
1:            Brent at $125 was a bubble
2:            Bubbles pop
3:            Whenever the bubble popped the price would halve 

In 2011 the model predicted the forthcoming crash would bring Brent down to $67 which was out by 30%...or more – Brent today is $50. That doesn’t prove

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Want to Buy a Used German Power Plant? Shipping Is Included

1:01 AM CET
February 2, 2015

The two largest power producers, RWE AG and EON SE, are especially keen to sell their gas-fired plants, rendered uncompetitive by the rise of renewable energy on the one hand and record low coal prices on the other. It’s a relatively easy task to take them apart, move them by truck and ship and reassemble them elsewhere.

Sometimes people will buy whole plants, at others the key components. The giant power-generating turbines that lie at the heart of the station cost

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La bajada del petróleo pone en peligro la rentabilidad de la navegación lenta



Logística profesional 

Las líneas deben calibrar si aceleran sus flotas y ofrecen a los clientes tiempos de tránsito menores.
La navegación lenta (slow steaming) para ahorrar combustible podría dejar de ser rentable. Debido a la bajada del precio del petróleo y, por tanto, del de los combustibles marinos, los armadores y los operadores de portacontenedores están replanteándose la idoneidad de este sistema de navegación.

En un estudio de Dynamar sobre los precios del combustible, citado por Anave, el analista Dirk Visser advierte de que el 13 de enero de 2015, el IFO 380 costaba 236 dólares por tonelada en el puerto de Róterdam, frente a los 558 $/t de agosto de 2014. Con estos datos, y teniendo en cuenta que entre Asia y Europa

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