Oil price decline 'should not impact on dual-fuel LNG carriers'

Joe McGladdery a partner with the London law offices of Wikborg Rein & Co, says that, while falling oil prices have exerted pressure on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) charter markets, the new generation of low-speed, dual-fuel LNG carriers now in service and on order remain an attractive option for owners and operators.

In an emailed statement, McGladdery commented: "As a result of the oil price collapse, energy companies are reducing capital budgets to protect against falling revenues. Given the investment levels needed to sustain an LNG production project, the final decision to proceed with a number of projects has been put on hold. This uncertainty over the progress of production projects has exerted further downward pressure on an already static charter market for LNG carriers,

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Canarias tendrá gas a mediados de 2018




La Opinión de Tenerife

La construcción de la planta de Granadilla generará unos 1.500 puestos de trabajo

ana martínez 18.02.2015 | 12:46

Instalaciones de la planta regasificadora que Enagás tiene en Huelva. LOT

La culminación del proceso de compra de Gascan por parte del gestor nacional Enagás ha clarificado el horizonte de la llegada del gas al Archipiélago. Tanto que ya tiene fecha. La compañía calcula que la planta de Granadilla de Abona estará en marcha en la segunda mitad de 2018. La de Gran Canaria, lastrada por el rotundo rechazo que ha suscitado, aún no tiene ni emplazamiento cierto.

A la regasificadora de Tenerife, en cambio, apenas le quedan pendientes "trámites

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Oil price may hit $200— OPEC




 DESPITE reaching the low of $45 per barrel, oil prices may yet rise to $200.

This indication was giving on Monday by the Secretary-General, Abdulla al-Badri, when he was in London, the oil market doesn’t need to look for oil prices to bottom as the market has already bottomed. Instead, he offered quite bullish comments by saying, “Now the prices are around $45-$55, and I think maybe they [have] reached the bottom and we (will) see some rebound very soon.”

Abdulla al-Badri, however did not say OPEC would come in and rescue the oil market by reversing its previous decision to hold steady on production. Instead, he saw the signs that the oil market is self-correcting as oil companies

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Bunker Prices

 27.01.2015  Bunker Prices More

346.00 12.00 544.00 6.00
293.50 2.50 522.50 14.00
322.00 0.50 624.00 4.50
332.00 10.00 777.00 5.00
316.00 0.50 561.50 10.00
337.00 4.50 606.50 15.00
316.00 0.50 554.50 4.00

BIS says financial flows partly to blame for oil collapse





Neil Hume, Commodities Editor



The near 50 per cent fall in oil prices since mid-June cannot be solely explained by changes in consumption and production, according to the Bank for International Settlements, which says heavy trading on commodity futures markets has also played a part.

In a preliminary analysis of the oil market rout, BIS, known as the central bankers’ bank, says financial flows have contributed to the rout along with changes in supply and demand balances.

The comments will add to the debate about the “financialisation” of commodity markets and the extent to which investors, big banks and hedge funds are driving prices of raw materials.

BIS says the last two comparable oil price declines in 1996 and 2008 were

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