Viking Supply Ships lays up three PSVs

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Kari Reinikainen

24 September 2015

A weak market has forced Viking Supply Ships, a listed Gothenburg-based offshore services vessel operator, to lay up three platform supply vessels.

A company statement said that due to a continuing weak PSV market it had decided to lay up the vessels Idun Viking, Frigg Viking, and Nanna Viking.

The three vessels were built between 2002 and 2006 and have an engine output of about 5,500 bhp. In all, Viking has five PSVs and eight anchor handling tug supply vessels, two of which are open at the moment, according to the company's website.

Regarding the three lay-ups, Viking said, "The vessel crews are provided by an external ship manager and the decision will consequently not have any impact for crew employed in Viking Supply Ships. Viking Supply Ships will support the ship manager in finding alternative vessels for the crew members on the three vessels."

The decision will reduce Viking's operational costs and improve fourth-quarter financial results. The company expects the full impact to seen from the first quarter of next year.