Melbourne to Vanuatu Race - Day 2

Alive - Melbourne to Vanuatu Race'    Peter Campbell 


Tasmanian yacht Alive is blitzing the fleet in the 1885 nautical mile Melbourne to Vanuatu ocean race; 24 hours after the start yesterday the Reichel/Pugh 66 has sailed out of Bass Strait and is about to gybe northwards.

Alive, owned by Thailand-based Tasmanian Philip Turner and skippered by fellow Derwent Sailing Squadron member Duncan Hine, has averaged more than 14 knots running before still strong westerly winds.

The powerful yacht, previously named Black Jack until bought by Turner earlier this year, was 'smokin’ along' under spinnaker and 'blitzing the fleet' south-east of Mallacoota, according to the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria web site.

The galeforce westerly winds, which initially saw the start postponed 25.5 hours until 10.30am

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Basic Knowledge of Sailing

Part 1 of 5: Gain a Basic Knowledge of Sailing

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    Know the different parts of a sailboat. It is important to know the different parts both for safety reasons and to be able to sail your boat as efficiently as possible. If you don’t know what to do when someone suddenly yells, “prepare to tack” or “watch the boom!” you may be in trouble.[1]
    • Block: This is the nautical term for a pulley.
    • Boom: The horizontal support for the foot of the mainsail which extends aft of the mast. This is what you want to watch out for when changing directions in a sailboat. It can give you quite a wallop on the head if it hits you.
    • Bow: This is what the front

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Imray Nautical App

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Jun 30, 2014 02:35 PM 
                   Imray has just launched a new book app for iPad – Imray Nautical – available to download from the App Store.  Download the app for free, then buy sections of books by geographical area.                

Published: 2014-06-30 00:00:00                      

Based on Imray’s acclaimed pilot books and almanacs, the app can be used to plan your sailing in advance and whilst at sea, and to share notes with crew or friends.


Imray have launched the app with sections of the books Ionian and Isles of Scilly available, but will be expanding the list to cover more areas in the near future. Areas now available as in-app purchases include:

Isles of Scilly (RCC Pilotage Foundation /

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Spain and the Canary Islands: Anchoring Restrictions

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                   If planning to anchor in Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma & Hierro, yachts should ask for permission in advance at the Capitania of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is also recommended that yachts should seek approval before anchoring elsewhere in the Canaries. Yachts that anchor in remote places without authorisation should not be surprised if they are asked to move on.               

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The following report was recently received from a cruiser who experienced problems anchoring in Tenerife:

We anchored without problems

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The Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal, or Nord-Ostsee Kanal, runs 53 miles (99 km) NW from Brunsbuttel on the River Elbe, to Kiel on the Baltic coast. It is over 100m wide and 11m deep and has a clearance of 40m.



A Navigation Handbook giving rules for the canal can be downloaded.

Permission to enter the canal must be requested as follows:-

At Brunsbuttel: "Kiel Kanal 1" on VHF ch. 13

At Kiel-Holtenau: "Kiel Kanal 4" on VHF ch. 12

During transit of the canal, a listening watch should be kept on each of the above channels when approaching the locks, on ch. 02 ("Kiel Kanal 2") between Brunsbuttel and Breiholz, and on ch. 03 from Breiholz to Kiel ("Kiel Kanal 3").

The cost of transit is about 55

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