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Life and death on a superyacht: 'If something goes wrong, they can just raise the anchor and leave'




The Guardian


Life and death on a superyacht: 'If something goes wrong, they can just raise the anchor and leave'

 Photograph: Westend61/Getty Images

Crewing can seem a glamour-filled job. But at least three young Brits have lost their lives, as Rupert Neate reports

Sat 26 May 2018 08.00 BSTLast modified on Mon 25 Nov 2019 12.21 GMT



If Dirk Zimmerman’s boss fancies a fresh tomato salad, the 35-year-old German hangs up his chef’s apron, dons a headset and takes to the skies. Zimmerman, who has been working on superyachts for more than a decade, has lost count of the number of times he’s been sent out on a ship’s helicopter or seaplane to source food, from courgettes in Oman to truffles in Argentina or vine tomatoes

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To date, the Vendée Globe is the greatest sailing race round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. The event followed in the wake of the Golden Globe which had initiated the first circumnavigation of this type via the three capes (Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn) in 1968. Only one out of the nine pioneers who had set off in 1968 succeeded in returning to Falmouth, the major port of British Cornwall. On 6th April 1969, after 313 days at sea, British sailor Robin Knox-Johnston finally reached his goal. Twenty years later, after having won the BOC Challenge twice(solo round the world with stopovers), navigator Philippe Jeantot introduced the idea of a new race around the world, but..non-stop! The Vendée Globe

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Le concept de Superyacht Tetrahedron, le bateau qui peut voler


 21/04/2020  Sailing-Stream Sailing-Stream


Le Tetrahedron Superyacht Concept (ou Tetra, pour faire court) est le bateau qui peut voler, selon les mots du même architecte dans lequel il est né. Malheureusement, bien que ce soit venu thisclose pour devenir une réalité, il ne l’a jamais fait. Mais cela ne devrait pas empêcher les milliardaires de rêver que cela pourrait encore arriver, non?

Tetra a pris tous les principes de conception des yachts et les a renversés. S’inspirant de l’aviation, il a proposé un superyacht qui était essentiellement une structure pyramidale (en fibre de carbone et en acier inoxydable) reposant sur une seule entretoise, attachée à une coque de torpille sous la ligne de flottaison. À l’arrêt ou se déplaçant à basse vitesse, la pyramide flottait mais, lorsqu’elle prenait

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Lightning vs superyacht: How to stay safe in a storm





23 September 2020 16:45
Written by

Laura Nicholls

When a 42-metre motor yacht was damaged by a lightning strike, the owner was left not only without his yacht for over six months, but with a bill for at least €500,000 for repair costs. This incident is just one of nearly 250 lightning strike cases that the insurance firm Pantaenius deals with on an annual basis – the majority of which are catamarans, as they are more frequently struck than monohulls due to having a larger surface area in the water.

Photo: Tom van Oossanen / SuperYacht Times

After an accident like this, superyacht repairs are always complex and time-consuming, especially when the ship can no longer reach the shipyard on its own keel due to

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