The case of the Spanish Navy during the interwar


Torn apart by a civil war

The case of the Spanish Navy during the interwar is one of a fleet from a major player torn apart by a civil war. The only closest example could be the American Secession war, at a very large scal, or more recently, the French case in WW2 where the fleet was split between the Free French and Vichy loyalists. But the case of the Armada is unique, in which modern cruisers, destroyers, gunboats, submarines and aviation were involved in a modern in-fighting between the Republicans and Nationalists.

This story is about the state of the Spanish Armada after WW1 (where the country remained neutral), new construction programs and modernizations, and of course the divide between the two sides from 1936, ships captured, battles, and losses until 1939. This will be concluded by the Armada under Franco during WW2 and naval programs of that era.