A life at sea or family – third officer Santa Tetere signals the way





2 March 2020


Third officer Santa Tetere on watch duties.

Third officer Santa Tetere chose her career to avoid the 9 to 5 life. She says shipping is modernising to help retain female crew, but that women still face challenges in deciding whether to continue with a career they love or take the 'detour' to family life

What is a typical day in your job?

As third officer I am responsible for standing a navigational bridge watch from 08:00hrs to 12:00hrs as well as from 20:00hrs to 00:00hrs. When I am not standing watch I am checking lifesaving appliances (LSA) as well as firefighting equipment (FFE) to make sure all is fully functional in the case of an emergency.

Why did

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Captain Barbara Charlton maintains an even course over 17 years of ship handling





6 March 2020

Captain Barbara Charlton plans to 'continue in a direction for mental challenge and ship handling wherever it comes from.'

Maritime master Captain Barbara Charlton loves the mental challenge of ship handling and further stretches the brain cells as an associate lecturer

Why did you choose a career at sea?

I went to sea to travel. I was working on a passenger tall ship calling at places away from mainstream cruise ships. As the ship visited ports I had the chance (and energy at that age) to go ashore and explore.

I was working as a deck hand and ordinary seaman for four years before I was able to finance my officer of the watch (OOW) course.

Tell us some

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La primera formación en parques eólicos marinos de España se impartirá en Gijón

Parque eólico de Iberdrola en la costa alemana. / E. C.

El centro de FP del Mar impulsa un curso ante la apuesta del Principado por esta energía renovable y la demanda de empresas de la región

GIJÓN.Domingo, 22 marzo 2020, 00:50

El pasado mes de enero, el consejero de Industria, Empleo y Promoción Económica, Enrique Fernández, hacía hincapié en el «elevado potencial» de Asturias para aprovechar la tecnología existente para generar energía eólica marina. No en vano, varias empresas de la región, como la avilesina Windar, del grupo Daniel Alonso, son ya referente mundial en la fabricación de componentes para la eólica marina. En vista de esta situación, el Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional del Mar ya está preparando la primera formación de España orientada a

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Philly Shipyard wins deal to build US national security multi-mission vessels





Image: Herbert Engineering and MARAD

Philadelphia-based Philly Shipyard has been awarded an initial USD 630 million contract to construct the newest class of US training ship, the national security multi-mission vessel (NSMV).

As informed, the shipyard will construct up to five new ships to provide maritime training for America’s future mariners and to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in times of need.

“This new world class vessel, constructed at an American shipyard, is part of our much-needed program to replace the aging training vessels currently operated by state maritime academies,” Elaine L. Chao, U.S. Transportation Secretary, said.

In May 2019, TOTE Services contracted with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) as the vessel construction manager to deliver up to five

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Universidad Marítima Mundial







This specialization is designed for the people who wish to make a contribution to sustainable energy and climate actions in the maritime and ocean sectors. Successful candidates are not limited to those having a technical profile (e.g. naval architects, ocean engineers, deck officers and marine engineers, designers, superintendents, surveyors, engineers with a maritime exposure etc.) but also management backgrounds, including maritime economists, ship operators, administrators, IT professionals, port and shipyard managers and professionals from the energy and environmental sectors. It provides a comprehensive understanding of different aspects of maritime energy management across the field from shipping to oceans, and from ports to shipyards with a vision of a sustainable, energy efficient and zero/low carbon

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