VSTEP launches portable simulator





Netherlands-based simulator specialist VSTEP has launched a portable simulator that can be used outside of simulator centres or classrooms.

The Portable Simulator uses VSTEP’s Nautis operating system and is a haptic simulator equipped with radar, ECDIS, outside view, conning panel and azimuth controls or conventional controls. It has three foldable screens that can be set to suitable positions and configured to show three outside views or outside, radar and ECDIS views. It can be supplied with a maximum of three controls, consisting of azimuth, thruster or rudder (all combinations possible) and a trackball.
The main screen is a 34 inch ultrawide display and the two side screens have a 15 inch display. There is also a 15 inch touchscreen for the Conning Panel which is inset into the base unit.
The device has two HDMI connections for additional external display views and features WiFi & Bluetooth for wireless control of the haptic controls as well as connectivity with a portable instructor station.
With the screens folded, the device packs into a supplied case that measures, 980mm x 680mm x 530mm and is easily transportable.
The portable simulator fully supports IMO model courses 1.07, 1.26 and 1.27 and partially supports 1.34, 7.01 and 7.03.