Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic Positioning

Global Maritime has an expert team on third party DP FMEA analysis and tests as well as DP capability calculations according to accepted standards.

Our team is very familiar with the various DP systems, including peripherals, power and propulsion systems.

Our team includes DP operators, mariners and engineers.


Global Maritime possesses unrivalled expertise in dynamic positioning, with our staff of master mariners, marine engineers and control system engineers. From our experience in dynamic positioning consultancy we have established a comprehensive practical and theoretical understanding of DP vessels and systems within every activity associated with the offshore industry. We can optimize all designs from simplex DP systems on supply vessels, survey vessels and DP shuttle tankers to integrated DP systems on sophisticated DSVs and MODUs. Our comprehensive service for dynamic positioning includes:

  • DP System Audit
  • DP Capability Analysis
  • Thruster Reliability