French pupils to use Kongsberg engine room simulator



19 May 2014
Engine room simulator debriefing session. Photo: Kongsberg Maritime

French maritime vocational school Lycée Maritime Jacques Cassard in Nantes will use Kongsberg Maritime's advanced engine room simulator to train its students on marine engine operations from 750kW to at least 3000kW engineer level.

Instructors have free reign to create engine failure scenarios based on real conditions to test students' reactions and their ability to track faults and restore the engine to normal operations, as if they were in a real engine room.

The K-Sim engine delivery will consist of an instructor station and eight student stations, with two engine models: MAN B&W 5L90MC L11 (Very Large Crude Carrier) and K-Sim Engine MaK 8M32C M11 (Trawler).

Mathieu Guillée , Instructor at Lycée Maritime Jacques Cassard in Nantes said: "K-Sim Engine is certified to STCW and IMO requirements. The fact that K-Sim Engine allows us to train to a very high level and that several other French schools already use it helped to make Kongsberg Maritime's ERS the top choice for us."

Lycée Maritime Jacques Cassard is the eighth of twelve French Regional Maritime Vocational Schools to use K-Sim Engine for highly realistic maritime engine room training courses.