Working time limits at sea, a hundred-year construction


We understand Owners have declared General Average.



Vessel: "EVER GIVEN"

Casualty date: 23rd March 2021

Casualty type: Grounding

Vessel type: Container ship

Year built: 2018

GRT: 217612

Voyage from/to: Asia to Europe but container ship so cargo world-wide

Cargo: Containers

Vessel IMO Number: 9811000

As we are fielding so many questions from interested clients, we thought it a good idea to summarise the position in one easy to follow guide.

Update: 1st April 2021

  1. We understand Owners have declared General Average.
  2. GA security will need to be provided in order to release the cargo. It is likely that security direct from underwriters will be acceptable. We can advise on the wording of the GA security.
  3. The investigation into the casualty is on-going, with involvement from the SCA, the Panamanian flag state, and other interested parties.
  4. The

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Brexit: ¿Y ahora qué pasa con los litigios en inglés?

Publicado: 11 de marzo de 2021

Tras la salida del Reino Unido de la Unión Europea en la noche del 31 de diciembre de 2020, los legisladores, los profesionales del derecho y las empresas se enfrentan a muchas preguntas sobre el efecto del Brexit en la jurisdicción, el reconocimiento y la ejecución, y cuál puede ser el impacto duradero en la elección de acuerdos judiciales y legales, dicen los socios de Hill Dickinson, Beth Bradley, Jeff Park, Michael French y Victor Oliynik, asociado en el primero de dos artículos que se centran en el tema.

Este artículo analizará cómo afectará la tan esperada salida del Reino Unido a (a) los acuerdos de jurisdicción y elección de tribunales; (b) reconocimiento y

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New law expands Chinese coastguard’s jurisdiction to at least the first island chain

16 Feb 2021|

China’s new law giving the China Coast Guard more freedom to use force has increased the concerns of China’s neighbours. The Philippines filed a formal rejection of it on 27 January, emphasising that, given the large area involved and China’s ongoing disputes in the South China Sea, the law is a verbal threat of war to any country that defies it.

On 8 February, a week after the law came into effect, China’s largest maritime patrol vessel, Haixun 06 (海巡06), was launched from Wuhan shipyard. It will be used for ‘regulating Taiwan Straits’ waters, preventing pollution, dealing with maritime incidents, cross-strait exchanges and maintaining national maritime sovereignty’, according to the Fujian Maritime Safety Administration. As the administration sits within the Ministry of Transport rather than the CCG, such developments indicate

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