EU's maritime transport policy up to 2020

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Competitiveness, decarbonisation and digitalisation are the guiding principles that will serve as a basis for the EU's maritime transport policy up to 2020 and beyond. These principles aim to ensure that maritime transport remains an attractive way for transporting goods and people and becomes even more environmentally-friendly. It should also serve as a catalyst for investment and innovation.

Today's Council conclusions endorse the content of the Valletta declaration on the EU's maritime policy, which was adopted at an informal ministerial conference organised by the presidency on 29 March 2017.

El auditor se niega a aprobar las cuentas de la Confederación Hidrográfica del Cantábrico



24 septiembre, 2015


Eva Belmonte

auditoría, Confederación Hidrográfica del Cantábrico, cuentas anuales

•La Intervención General de la Administración del Estado deniega la opinión al detectar errores graves

•La entidad no ha hecho inventario de sus bienes, que suman más de 550 millones de euros

•La auditoría lleva alertando de este problema desde 1998


El BOE recoge, día sí día también -especialmente cuando se acerca el final de año- las cuentas de 2014 de los diferentes organismos públicos y sus informes de auditoría. Esos informes pueden acabar de varias formas: favorable (no encuentran incorrecciones, como pasa aquí), favorable con salvedades (las encuentran, y son importantes como para destacarlo, pero no tanto como para tumbar todas las cuentas, como pasa aquí) o denegación de opinión (los errores

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IMO Adopts IGF Code




MEX  15 de junio 2015


By MarEx 2015-06-15 19:31:48

On Friday, the IMO adopted globally binding regulations for ships using LNG as fuel.

The newly updated international code, the IGF Code, covers the safety of ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels and is designed to ensure that the safety level of ships using LNG and other more environmentally friendly fuels is enhanced and made more homogeneous.

The regulations will enter into force in 2017 and apply to new ships and new conversions of ships, respectively, except for gas tankers.

The IGF code was adopted at the 95th session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 95). MSC 95 was held in London from 3 to 12 June 2015 under the chairmanship of

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These five countries fought a war that was literally over bird sh-t

In the early 1860s, Spain was dealing with the loss of many of its overseas colonies. Spain also suffered a series of minor insults to their prestige at the hands of Peru, a former Spanish colony. In an effort to save face and collect on debts left over the Peruvian War of Independence, Spanish forces launched a fleet of ships in April 1864 to seize the valuable Chincha Islands off the coast of Peru.

Photo: Wikipedia/Federico Castellón Martínez

The Chincha Islands supplied over half of Peru’s annual budget at the time as laborers collected bird guano from 150-foot-high deposits. Yes, sh-t stacks that high. In the late 1800s, bird guano was known as both a great fertilizer and a great source of saltpeter. Saltpeter mixed in the proper

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Libyan military shells Turkish cargo ship, crew member killed






By Ayman Al-Warfalli and Tulay Karadeniz

BENGHAZI, Libya/ANKARA, May 11 (Reuters) - Forces loyal to Libya's internationally recognised government said on Monday they shelled a Turkish ship off the Libyan coast after it was warned not to approach, and one crew member was killed in what Turkey described as a "contemptible attack".

Libya is in a state of violent factional chaos with two rival governments backed by various armed groups vying for control of the oil-producing North African state including its ports, four years after rebels overthrew Muammar Gaddafi.

The dry cargo ship was targeted about 10 miles from the coast on Sunday after it was told not

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