Spain has two major island groups, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands


I. SPAIN Disclaimer This document has not been adopted by the European Commission and should therefore not be relied upon as a statement of the European Commission. The purpose of this document is merely to provide a comprehensive overview based on available information without claiming to be exhaustive. Although stakeholder consultation has taken place to verify the collected information, it is possible that this document does not reflect the view of all stakeholders involved. This document has been updated until February 2011. This country report provides a comprehensive overview and assessment of the current state-of-play with regard to Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in Spain1 . After detailing Spain’s country characteristics, its most important maritime activities are presented. Next, the country report discusses the legal aspects, key players, plans and projects related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and MSP as well as the relevant international initiatives and platforms for cooperation. To conclude, the main findings related to Maritime Spatial Planning are summed up. The sources of information used and persons contacted are listed at the end. Please note that Spain forms part of one of the four marine areas which were studied in further detail.