Passenger manifest procedures for coastal passenger vessels

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Shipping & Transport - Cyprus


June 25 2014

With the summer tourist season beginning, the Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping has issued a circular reminding operators of coastal passenger vessels of their obligation to submit a proper passenger manifest under the Ferry and Coastal Passenger Vessel Regulations of 2012 and to comply with the procedures set out in the regulations.

If the number of passengers aboard the vessel is found to exceed the number set out in the vessel's safety certificate, action will be taken against those responsible under the Merchant Shipping (Criminal and Disciplinary Liability of Seafarers, Suspension or Cancellation of Certificates) Law (2000-2004). If any overloading renders the vessel unseaworthy, the Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping will detain the vessel under Article 7 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (Ratification) and Matters Connected Therewith (laws of 1985 to 2012), until an inspection has been completed and the vessel pronounced seaworthy. Administrative fines may be imposed for violation of the regulations.

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